Blue Max (2014 Edition)


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2014 Edition

In Blue Max, each player pilots a WWI airplane in a dogfight. The game can be played as a campaign, with new planes becoming available as time passes, and with surviving pilots getting better at what they do.

Each plane has a maneuver sheet showing which ones it is allowed to do -- some maneuvers can only be executed by ace pilots, and other maneuvers are "restricted" in the sense that they can't be repeated from one turn to the next (the plane would stall).

If you "tail" another plane, its pilot must show you whether he's going right, left or straight ahead. You get to shoot ahead of your plane, unless you have a bomber with an observer/gunner in the back (swivel-mounted guns). Damage is rolled on a table that determines severity in terms of blue and red hits; you then draw the indicated number of coloued chits from a cup. Hits are taken to the wings, tail, engine, etc. There's a chance the pilot is killed, or that the plane catches fire.

Fuel eventually runs out and the pilots fly off to meet another day --if they survived. 

Components: Rulebook, Double sided game board (1 side plain blue, 1 side historical landscape), 6 Viewprotection screens (3 per faction), brown/grey outside, rule summery inside, 18 Manoeuvresheets (9 per faction), 18 Airplanecards (9 per faction), 1 side airplane infos, 1 side airplane details, 144 Small gamecards (136 damage cards, 8 trace cards), 18 Airplane tiles (9 per faction), 1 side top view, 1 side flank view, 6 Readymarker tiles / direction tiles, 12 Specialdamagemarker tiles (6 fire/smoke, 6 observer killed), 15 Ammunitionmarker tiles, 30 Altitudemarker tiles (1/2/3/4/5 each 6), 24 Altitude manoeuvre tiles (up/down/constant/landing each 6), 60 Fuelmarker tiles, 1 Block with 60 playingsheets, 6 Special dice

Players: 2-6 in 2 teams
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

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