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2014 - Edition

After a devastating war, peace is declared among all the major races of the galaxy and an Alliance is created. One of the first decisions of the Alliance is to build space stations all along the galaxy in order to promote trade among the races, strengthen diplomatic relations, and help keep the newly established peace.

In Among the Stars, each player takes the role of one of those races, trying to build the best space station. Through a drafting mechanism, the players select location cards and place them on their station, scoring victory points based on where they place them. The construction lasts four years, and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Components: 6 Main Reactor cards, 72 Basic Location cards, 44 Special Location cards, 16 Power Reactor cards, 8 Objective cards, 12 Conflict cards, 4 Player Aid Card, 1 Score Board, 4 Player markers, 1 Turn marker, 32 1-credit tokens, 16 5-credit tokens, 20 Energy Cubes, 8 Race Tiles, Rulebook

Players: 2-4
Suggested Ages: 12 and up

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