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Imagine three cultures, as different from each other as they could possibly be, are washed up on a desert island, an island inhabited by the world's largest and most ferocious predators. Imagine that each of the cultures each have survival secrets the others desperately need. Imagine contact with the outside world is cut off. Welcome to Greenland in 1200 AD.

The three players, representing the Tunit, Viking, and Thule tribes, send hunters to gather food and fuel to support their children, elders, and livestock while collecting victory points by wiping out competing species or gathering resources. Each turn is one generation long. Historically, the climate turned frigid and all but the Thule (Inuit) died out.

Updated/new components: 3 cylinders for alpha hunters / Updated rules and historical notes. Rules included for combining 1st and 2nd edition decks. / 10 six-sided dice for attacks, elder die-off, and hunting

Components: 54 population cubes (18 in each player color), 3 large population cubes (one in each player color for the alpha hunter), 24 orange disks (i.e. energy), 12 white disks (ivory), 12 black disks (iron), 60 cards, 6 six-sided dice, Rules

Players: 1-3

Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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