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Take to the skies over southeast England during the turbulent Summer of 1940, as the outnumbered aircraft of the RAF fought a desperate struggle of survival against the onslaught of the near-invincible German Luftwaffe. "Black Cross/Blue Sky" is a historical wargame that allows players to assume the role of either a British or German pilot during the Battle of Britain.

The core game rules use a revolutionary system that has been used in the historical miniatures gaming hobby for 15 years. Nominated for the Charles S. Roberts Award for best historical miniatures rules set in 1996, the rules have been refined and expanded from hundreds of players’ feedback. The result is a game system which allows a huge number of aircraft to be easily handled without the tedium of written orders. Multiple sets can be combined to allow large games that are limited only by the space provided by the players.

Components: 11 scenarios (including one solitaire scenario), 102 full color thick cardboard plane counters (backprinted with the inverted view of each aircraft), 18 Flight Stands that easily and effectively simulate 3-D combat, 4 full-color, backprinted 22” x 34” mapsheets, (depicting a view of the southeast coast of England and the English Channel), 2 sets of illustrated aircraft cards (allowing players to have each aircraft’s capabilities at their fingertips), 2 full-color rules summary cards (eliminating the need for frequent rules referencing), 
39 Target, Weather, and Barrage Balloon counters, 127 informational markers (Ace, hit, momentum, ammo, etc.), Color rulebook & 5 dice

Players: 1-6
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

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