Feast for Odin: The Norwegians

Z-Man Games has announced the first expansion for A Feast for Odin:

The Norwegians offers new ways for players to guide their tribes to victory, including three double-sided action boards customized for different numbers of players that add a fifth column of action spaces for players to choose. 95 new goods tiles feature new animals, new types of food, and new equipment for the Vikings, who can now hunt elk, purchase horses, or craft weapons and armor, while the double-sided “artisan sheds” give players new ways to produce goods. Rounding out the expansion are eight double-sided exploration boards depicting distant cities like Cork, Limerick, and the Isle of Skye, which players can visit or raid.

A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians should be available before the end of the year and is available for pre-order.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game has arrived

And the new games keep on coming: Today we have received the first half of our Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game order (more coming in next week).

In Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game you are going to solve FIVE different cases and find out what connects them, you are going to BREAK THE 4th WALL by using every resource you can, you are going to browse the game’s DEDICATED DATABASE simulating agency’s resources, you will enter a city maze of old mysteries and fresh CRIME, and you will be able to COOPERATE with other agents or solve the mystery on your own.


Star Trek: Flick game announced

Wizkids Game has announced a new Star Trek game and this time it is a flicking game:

Designed by Mike Elliott (Thunderstone, Star Trek: Fleet Captains), Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone has the Federation and Klingon Empire vying to exploit the resource-rich planets of the Neutral Zone. Players flick discs representing various starships from the Star Trek universe in an attempt to collect resources or attack other ships. Players bring a ship within range of an energy or command point planet to collect resources. If a planet is already occupied, the player can attack the rival ship by knocking it off the planet or game board.

The release of the game is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Link: ICv2 News

Week 38 releases are here

It’s Tuesday – arrival day for the new UK releases. This week we have received ten new ones:

Deutscher Spielpreis 2018: Azul wins

The Merz Verlag, the organiser of the Essen board game show, has announced the winner of the Deutsche Spielepreis 2018: It is Azul, which also won the Spiel des Jahres award. The award is based on votes by the gaming public (votes are possible in FLGS and online).

The Top 10 this year are:

  1. Azul from Michael Kiesling and Next Move
  2. Gaia Project from Helge Ostertag, Jens Drögemüller, and Feuerland Spiele#
  3. Rajas of the Ganges from Inka and Markus Brand and HUCH!
  4. Clans of Caledonia from Juma Al-JouJou and Karma Games
  5. Heaven & Ale from Michael Kiesling (him again!), Andreas Schmidt, and eggertspiele
  6. Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 from Matt Leacock, Rob Daviau, and Z-Man Games
  7. Clank! from Paul Dennen and Renegade Game Studios
  8. Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg from Wolfgang Warsch and Schmidt Spiele
  9. The Mind from Wolfgang Warsch and Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag
  10. Altiplano from Reiner Stockhausen and dlp games

Winner of a special award for Children’s games is Memoarrr! (edition Spielwiese).

Link: Award announcement


TableTop Gaming Live: Preview and collection of orders

Less than two weeks until the TableTop Gaming Live at the Alexandria Palace in London (29th and 30th September).

The TableTop Gaming magazine has posted a preview for the show with an overview of what to expect at the weekend.

Meeples’ Corner will be at the show (stand G-42). We will work together with Pegasus and will have some of their new releases available to play.

We have also opened the collection option for the show, so if you are going to the show you can place an order and choose collection at the show during checkout. Just let us know on what day you would like to collect your order.

Link: Show Preview

GameNight plays Istanbul: The Dice Game

GameNight, the BGG video show, has posted a new video and this time they have played Istanbul – The Dice Game.

Istanbul – The Dice Game is a standalone dice game in which players are once again plunging into the bustle of Istanbul’s bazaar to collect rubies and thus secure their victory.

By cleverly using the dice, the players can make money and goods, then exchange them for the precious jewels.

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