Giant Azul from Next Move Games

Are you a fan of Azul? Do you have a bit of spare cash? Then this could be perfect for you:

Azul Giant edition – 200% larger version than the retail version of the game. Game is housed in a custom designed suitcase with removable storage trays and neoprene player mats.

The Giant Edition is available to pre-order directly from Next Move Games. Pre-orders are open until 22nd June and the game will only go into production if 500 or more pre-orders have been placed by this time.

Link: Next Move Games Website

Betrayal Legacy coming in November

Wizkids Games has announced the release of Betrayal Legacy for November.

As announced last year, Betrayal Legacy was developed by Rob Daviau (see “‘Betrayal Legacy’ by Rob Daviau”) and it is built on the same themes and mechanics as the original game. In this version, the actions of the players during each game leaves a permanent mark on the infamous “House,” ultimately resulting in a unique re-playable version of the game at the end of the campaign. The storyline of the legacy campaign reveals the history of the house, told over a series of generations, that tells how it became a focus for the unnatural and supernatural forces that haunt it.

Link: ICv2 News

Board Game News (Week 20 / 2018)

A busy week in the news, here are two videos giving you a quick summary:

  • Spiel des Jahres nominees
  • Ticket to Ride: New York announced
  • Narcos board game will come later this year
  • Asmodee for sale?

  • CMON Expo with new CMON announcements
  • Batman: Gotham Under Siege coming from IDW
  • Origins Award Nominees announced
  • Love Letter rights acquired by Z-Man
  • Asmodee for sale?

Shards of Infinity: Unboxing and Review

Joel from Devon Dice has played Shards of Infinity at our last Gaming Night at Meeples’ Corner.

Shards of Infinity combines an unprecedented level of strategy and customization into one small box. Rather than competing for points, players must outlast their opponents and reduce their health to zero, which can be done in a number of ways. Each player starts the game with a basic deck of cards, and they can acquire new cards from a central display of six cards (as in Ascension) and add these new cards to their deck or use them immediately, depending on what they are.

Here is his video including a quick look at our shop before the Gaming Night, an unboxing of Shards of Infinity and his final thoughts about the game.


Spiel des Jahres Nominees Follow Up

On Monday the nominees for the Spiel des Jahres awards have been announced. As always there are some discussions going on why some games have missed out and why certain games are nominees for the Kennerspiel instead of the more lighter Spiel des Jahre award.

Tom Felber, chair of the Spiel des Jahres jury, has written an article giving more insight into the process of choosing the games for the nomination list:


We’ve done it again, namely we’ve played hundreds of games over the course of a year and finally put together a list of especially interesting, entertaining, fun, original and innovative titles, in which everyone who plays games will be able to find a game that will bring joy to them, their family or their social circle – guaranteed. It was a strong year: 23 titles have finally made it onto our list, it could easily have been a few more. We are aware that other great new games are missing but we had to limit ourselves.

Link: Spiel des Jahres website

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