New arrivals (16/01/18)

New year, same procedure: Tuesday is new releases day.

Today we have received a total of 15 new games/expansions:

King Kong arrives next week

Good news for all fans for King of Tokyo/King of New York: The King Kong Monster Pack will arrive next week in the UK.

He is not happy! King Kong is ready to conquer the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower to find his love. Will you dare cross his path, or worse, capture his beloved?

The King Kong Monster Pack adds new elements to two game: Tokyo Tower for King of Tokyo and the Empire State Building for King of New York!

Wizkids announces Beyond the Edge

Wizkids is continuing to expand their board game line and has announced Beyond the Edge:

In Beyond the Edge, created by Ken Shannon, the players are heroic starship captains trying to preserve the tiny remnants of a universe where the very fabric of space and time has been mangled by ancient wars. Setting out from the free planet Orion, they must contend with pirates and other threats as they discover what exists out in space. The game uses a system called “Evolve/Beyond” that allows players to retain what they have gained from one game to the next, creating a story for their character that carries through with each playing in a manner similar to “legacy” style games. The decisions players make and the groups they ally with determine what abilities and upgrades they can earn in later games. They can even use the “Dry Dock” system to take their characters and ships and use them in games with a different group of players.

Expected release date for the legacy-style game is April and we will offer it for pre-orders as soon as we have the details for the UK release.

Link: ICv2-News

Photosynthesis promo: Christmas tree

With our restock of Photosynthesis, we also got the Christmas tree promo for Photosynthesis (Blue Orange Games gave them initially away at the Gencon release of the game).

So from now on, every copy of Photosynthesis will come with one Christmas tree promo. But we also managed to ask the UK distributor for more copies of the promo to supply every customer, who had received the game before Christmas, with a promo.

If you are interested in getting one of the Christmas trees, please contact us and we will add a promo to your next parcel. We apologise, but we won’t be able to send out the promos on their own.

Agents of Venice has been released

Agents of Venice, the first expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, has been released today.

The two modules found in this box can be played on their own with the base game or together for the ultimate Marco Polo experience, but no matter how you play, new adventures await. Return to Marco Polo’s hometown of Venice and gain access to the city’s many famous bazaars or use the companions you have met during your travels to give yourself a quick boost. With new contracts, cards, five new characters, and components to add a fifth player to the game, it’s time to begin a new voyage!


Final Scythe expansion announced

Stonemaier Games has announced the third and final expansion for Scythe:

Scythe: The Rise of Fenris is set in the same post-apocalyptic steampunk world as the base game and earlier expansions, and is fully compatible with all previous expansions. The heart of The Rise of Fenris is an eight-part campaign that uses a number of features commonly found in “legacy” style games, including secret components in sealed tuckboxes and persistent changes to the game from scenario to scenario. Unlike a typical legacy game, however, this expansion can be completely reset and replayed. In addition, the 11 modules that make up the campaign can all be used independently or combined as players see fit, even when not playing the campaign version.

Expected release date for the expansion is August/September 2018 (Gencon release) and we will offer it for pre-orders as soon as we have the details for the UK release.

Link: ICv2 News

We are back in action

2018 is here – a (late) Happy New Year to everyone!

We are back in action and the first two days last week have already been quite busy. On Friday we received the first new games of the year:

And the good stuff keeps on coming: for this week we are finally expecting the release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and The Monster Box of Monsters, the first expansion. Also expected to arrive is the reprint of Altiplano and Tybor the Builder, the new Mayfair Games card game set in the world of Longsdale.

And to look a bit further ahead: We’ve just added the pre-orders for Dark Souls – The Card Game and Alien Artifacts: Discovery (first expansion pack for Alien Artifacts) to the website. Both games/expansions are expected to be available sometime in March.

Merry Christmas

Meeples’ Corner is now closed for our Christmas break. We will be back on Thursday, 4th January.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas with enough time to play lots of board games with family and friends!

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