Spiel des Jahres Nominees have been Announced

The nominees for the Spiel des Jahres award 2019 have been announced this morning.

The nominees for the Spiel des Jahres are:
• Just One (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter / Repos Production)
• LAMA (Reiner Knizia / AMIGO)
• Werwörter (Ted Alspach / Bézier Games)

Just one cover

These games are more aimed at families and casual players. The award for more heavy-weight games targeted at the more experienced players is the Kennerspiel des Jahres.

The nominees for the Kennerspiel des Jahres are:
• Carpe Diem (Stefan Feld / alea)
• Detective (Ignacy Trzewiczek / Portal Games)
• Wingspan (Elizabeth Hargrave / Stonemaier Games)

Wingspan cover

The winners for both awards will be announced on Monday, 22nd July.

Link: BGG News

Board Games included in Proposed US Tariffs

The first round of the US vs. China trade war went past us board gamers. But this will change soon: whereas in the first round of the trade conflict between the US and China board games were not included, this looks no longer the case.

The US government published a new set of proposals after the last round of talks with China failed. And in this proposals board and card games are included and would be subject to up to 25% import duty from the end of June.

This could turn into a potential problem for Kickstarters for which the funding phase have already ended but haven’t been delivered to customers yet. But it could also lead to a wide-ranging price increase across the industry.

At moment nobody can say how high the tariffs on games will be and if they will be imposed (there is still the possibility of a last minute agreement between the US and China), but it is definitely something I will follow closely in the next few weeks.


Spiel des Jahres Predictions

On Monday the nominees for the Spiel des Jahres 2019 will get published. Time for the Opinionated Gamers to post their yearly predictions for both awards (the Spiel des Jahres and the Kennerspiel des Jahres):

As has become our habit, we will do this in two parts.  This first survey is done prior to the actual release of the lists, when just about any game was open for consideration.  Once the lists are out, we will then do a second round of voting, limited only to the actual nominees.
The usual caveats still apply.  It’s hard for us to know which late releases in 2019 make the cut for eligibility.  Also, as we only have two or three active OG writers in Germany, there are probably a few games that are big over there that we simply don’t know about as there is no English version.

(Source: Opinionated Gamers Blog)

As always it is an interesting read and also a kind of review of the (more casual) games that were hot and important in the last year.

But even more interesting will be the final list of nominees on Monday. As always we will try to bring as many of them as possible to the UK Games Expo.

Link: Spiel des Jahres website

Gugong review from SU&SD

Shut Up & Sit Down have published their video review of Gugong and they seemed to have enjoyed it quite a bit.

Box cover

Gùgōng uses this extraordinary custom as its basis. Players take on the role of powerful Chinese families trying to gain influence and power by exchanging gifts with Officials. The gift cards you offer as a player has to be of a higher value than the one you receive, forcing you to make strategic choices regarding which actions you want to take each turn. You will travel around China, sail down the Grand Canal, purchase precious jade, help construct the Great Wall, secure advantages through decrees, influence the game through intrigue, and ultimately, receive an audience with the emperor. If only 1 player succeeds in doing so, he wins. If several players succeed, the player with the most VPs among those players wins the game.

(Publisher description)
Video review

slickerdrips’ Big UK Games Expo List

The UK Games Expo 2019 is less than three weeks away and fast arriving. Time to have a look at all the games available at the show.

Helping with this is Tom Heath’s (aka slickerdrips) Big UK Games Expo list on Boardgamegeek. The list is eleven pages long and lists all the games available to play (as demo / prototype copies) and/or for sale.

Another great tool is Tabletop Together which allows you to make your own list of interesting games.


Bunny Kingdom Expansion delayed

The first Bunny Kingdom expansion In the Sky has been delayed a bit and is now expected to arrive at the end of this week.

Expansion cover

Bunny Kingdom in the Sky adds a new game board to the world of Bunny Kingdom that allows you to link fiefs in the sky with those on land. Aside from the game board, this expansion includes new cards, new types of resources, a set of playing pieces that allow five bunnies to play in the same game, and a larger type of building that increases your influence in that area by a factor of five.

(Source: Publisher description)
BGG Preview of the expansion

ORder Collection at UK GAmes Expo 2019

In three weeks time, the UK Games Expo opens at the NEC in Birmingham. Time for us to offer you the option to collect your online orders at our stand 302 in Hall 2.

To choose the collection option is quite easy: During checkout choose collection at the UK Games Expo instead of the standard shipping options. You can also choose to pay for the order at our stand. We only have one small request: please let us know in the comments section of your order on what day you intend to collect the order.

See you all soon!

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