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Next week sees the release of 3000 Scoundrels, the new game from Unexpected Games and Corey Konieczka.

Dive into an alternate history Wild West with the brand-new game 3000 Scoundrels: a fistful of cards, thousands of possibilities!

Embody a rival leader by assembling your posse of outlaws to gain the most valuable loot. Use clear cards to create 3000 unique characters within this light & engaging engine building game. Hatch a plan and bluff your way to victory!

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3000 Scoundrels card example
Example of clear cards used to create 3000 different scoundrels!

To celebrate the release, we will have a limited amount of 12 premium henchmen tokens which will be available (while stocks last) with every pre-ordered copy of the game. We will also have a copy of the game available at our next Game Night at the shop (7th October from 7pm).