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Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition

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Hasbro/Avalon Hill have just announced the 3rd Edition of their hit board game Betrayal at House on the Hill for a release at the end of April.

Compared to the 2nd Edition, this edition will not just include new (unpainted) minis, but also a lot of updates involving the gameplay:

“We’ve also moved away from the Haunt matrix that determined how the game would twist and change when the Haunt was rolled. Instead, players now choose a Scenario card that reflects why their characters have come to the house. When the Haunt is rolled, players will compare the Omen drawn to a chart on the back of the Scenario card to determine which Haunt will be played.

Many other changes have been made, including 50 unique and original haunts, house features with modern touches (such as spotty cell service… the horror!), a Reluctant Traitor rule, and numerous items, omens, and events original to this version of the Betrayal at House on the Hill game.”


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