Roll Player and Gloomhaven expansions available to pre-order

Two highly interesting expansions went just online on our website:

Roll Player: Monsters & Minions (ETA: May)

In Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, not only do players compete to construct the greatest fantasy characters, they must also gather information about the monstrous threat looming, and prepare for a final showdown against the beast. The more prepared the adventurers are for the battle, the better they’ll do, but that information doesn’t come for free. Listen for rumors to gather details for the fight ahead. Where is its lair? What obstacles will there be along the way? What will its next strike be?

Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles (ETA: November)

Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, the first expansion for Gloomhaven, features twenty new scenarios that take place after the events of the original Gloomhaven campaign and involve one new character class — the Aesther Diviner — and her attempts to prevent an approaching calamity. The accompanying scenario book breaks these scenarios up across multiple pages to create more dynamic and surprising encounters.

Both expansions will be in high demand, so please place a pre-order with us to avoid disappointments. As always: You don’t need to pay for a pre-order when you place. Just choose the pre-order payment option during checkout and we will contact you for the payment once the order can get shipped.

Board Games News on Youtube (20/04/18)

A day later than usual here is our look at our two favourite Boardgame Channels for boardgame news:

Roll for Crit are talking about:

  • TIME Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast – a new expansion for TS
  • Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles – XWing in the Battlestar Galactica universe?
  • Boarders Kickstarter Fraud: KS middleman business has disappeared with lots of money

Chris Bryan is talking about:

  • Fury of Dracula 4th Edition from Wizkids
  • Trade of Tigris from Tasty Ministrel Games
  • Megaland from Red Raven Games
  • Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles from Ares Games
  • The Estates from Capstone Games

New Pre-Orders available

We have added six new pre-orders to the shop:

Fury of Dracula 4th Edition announced

Wizkids Games has announced the 4th Edition of Fury of Dracula for July:

ICv2 news has more details about the changes in the 4th Edition:

The new Fourth Edition includes a new rulebook, larger, poker-sized cards, and fully painted miniatures of Dracula and the Hunters.

Link: ICv2 News

New arrivals and restocks (17/04/18)

This week sees only a handful of new board games and expansions:

But what got me excited is that we finally managed to stock Frostgrave (Fantasy Skirmish) and Gaslands (Mad Max style car battles/races), two wargame rulesets from Osprey Games. Both games don’t need massive amounts of miniatures or terrain or other things to play them. If you have some Hotwheel or Matchbox cars, some D6 dice and a large enough table you have everything you need to play Gaslands. And Frostgrave is perfect if you have a Fantasy board game with miniatures like Descent, the D&D games of Zombicide: Black Plague. With the figures from these games, 2x D20, a ruler to measure movements and playing area of 3′ x 3′ you have everything to try out this game and have a blast.

And back in stock are Dice Forge and Battle For Rokugan.

News round-up: Monday, 16th April

Last week we have posted two Youtube channels bringing you weekly board game news shows. But they can’t cover everything, so here is a quick round-up of some news not covered by the two shows:

  • Shut Up & Sit Down has posted their review of Rising Sun and in my opinion, they again have hit the nail on the head – LINK
  • Gamelyn Games have announced the retail release dates for their next two games: Tiny Epic Defenders 2E in August and Tiny Epic Zombies at Halloween – LINK
  • Area Games has announced Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles, a new miniatures games from the designers of Wings of War. No indication yet, when this will get released, but there will be a preview available at this year’s GenCon and I would assume at Essen as well – LINK
  • Phalanx is planning to bring back Ankh-Morpork a new, non-Discworld title called Nanty Narking – LINK
  • Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, the first expansion for the smash hit Gloomhaven, will be released at Essen this year (late October) – LINK

Gaming Day: How to get there?

This Saturday it’s gaming time and we will meet at the Old Town Hall in Crediton for 9 hours of playing board and card games.

But how to get there? The Old Town Hall is right above the Crediton Museum on the High Street. The entrance is a bit hidden away, so please check the photo to see where exactly the entrance is.

Parking is quite easy: there is a big Council Car Park at the end of St Saviour’s Way (marked on the map). Parking there is £3 for the day. From the Car Park, you can take a footpath down to the High Street (exit marked on the photo).

If you are not coming by car, the bus connections from Exeter are quite good. Take the 5 (5, 5A, 5B or 5C ) and leave the bus at Crediton, Lloyds Bank.

Food and drinks-wise it’s quite easy: You are welcome to bring everything along. Across the road from the Town Hall there are a Costa (open until 6pm), a Tesco, a Wetherspoons (good dinner) and three takeaways, so you are safe even if you forgot to bring a packed lunch.

Kung Fu Zoo released

Today Kung Fu Zoo, the new game from Wizkids Games, has been released.

Kung Fu Zoo is a dice-flicking dexterity game for 2-4 players. You control a team of highly-trained animals, from crocodiles to zebras, in a Kung Fu battle against your rivals. Who will be tonight’s champions of the zoo? Grab some dice and find out!

Here is a quick review of the game from Tom Vasel:



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