Gaming Day: How to get there?

This Saturday it’s gaming time and we will meet at the Old Town Hall in Crediton for 9 hours of playing board and card games.

But how to get there? The Old Town Hall is right above the Crediton Museum on the High Street. The entrance is a bit hidden away, so please check the photo to see where exactly the entrance is.

Parking is quite easy: there is a big Council Car Park at the end of St Saviour’s Way (marked on the map). Parking there is £3 for the day. From the Car Park, you can take a footpath down to the High Street (exit marked on the photo).

If you are not coming by car, the bus connections from Exeter are quite good. Take the 5 (5, 5A, 5B or 5C ) and leave the bus at Crediton, Lloyds Bank.

Food and drinks-wise it’s quite easy: You are welcome to bring everything along. Across the road from the Town Hall there are a Costa (open until 6pm), a Tesco, a Wetherspoons (good dinner) and three takeaways, so you are safe even if you forgot to bring a packed lunch.