A closer look at Pandemic: Hot Zone

With regular new releases coming back to the UK from next week, I’m taking a closer look at some of the games we can expect to arrive soon.

Box cover

The start is making Pandemic: Hot Zone, a smaller and more accessible version of the co-op classic Pandemic:

Based on the bestselling Pandemic, Pandemic: Hot Zone features the same nail-biting cooperative experience as you play against the game itself, but in a smaller form that you can take anywhere and play in a shorter amount of time. Every game is a challenge that you’ll tackle together, working to contain outbreaks and making strategic choices as a team. Can you discover all three cures in time?

(Source: Publisher description)

With the game getting released next week, Z-Man Game has published an article about how the game came to be and what the ideas behind it are:

Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America was first leaked back in February as COVID-19 had started to become a truly global crisis. That was the first chance that anyone outside the company had heard of Hot Zone’s existence, but the game’s story actually began all the way back in April 2018. Today, Matt and I would like to take you behind the curtain and provide insight into how Hot Zone became a reality.

Just over two years ago, Adrien Martinot, Head of Studio at Days of Wonder, had a brilliant idea to create a Ticket to Ride demo game for stores. With a smaller board, shorter train routes, and a quicker playtime, players could walk up, play a full game, and get a taste for the Ticket to Ride experience. The concept worked, and the demo game gained a lot of traction among retailers.

(Source: Article on Z-Man Games website)