Asmodee UK suspends new releases

At the beginning of the week, Asmodee US announced that they would delay all new releases until May.

Now Asmodee UK has followed suit with the following statement (send out as part of their daily stock updates):

As many of our suppliers have postponed or rescheduled upcoming new releases, we will not be sending our regular Coming Soon and New Release updates for the time being. We will alert you to any notable new products as they arrive.

This makes sense, considering that a large number of board game shops and cafes in the UK have to close from today and that a lot of new releases have already been delayed by factory closures in China in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. But this will very likely mean that a lot of the March/April releases are now delayed until further notice.

Asmodee UK also confirmed in the same email, that stock for restocks is available and orders will be fulfiled as fast as possible. So we won’t run out of games anytime soon 🙂

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