Asmodee US delays all new releases until May

Faced with an unprecedented crisis for the board game industry (shops and cafes close, events get cancelled, productions delayed), Asmodee US has made the decision to delay all new releases until the 1st May.

Asmodee USA has continued to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic as it develops. We want to wish all of you good health and safety during this time. Our employees’ and their families’ health are a top priority. A majority of our staff has transitioned to work from home when able. At this time, our warehouse remains open to help service any store that is able to continue business. However, we have decided to delay new release items until at least May 1, 2020.

(Source: Asmodee website)

While this statement has been made by Asmodee US, this will also affect the UK because most of the Asmodee releases here are coming from the US and only a smaller number from the European publishing partners of Asmodee.

With a lot of new releases already delayed because of the Covid-19 outbreak in China, these could lead to a further reduction in new games getting released in the coming weeks.

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