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Root: Second Expansion announced

Leder Games, the publisher of the highly regarded games Vast and Root, has announced Root: Underworld, the second expansion for Root.

Introducing Root: The Underworld, a new expansion pack for Root: A Woodland Game of Might and Right. This pack provides two new asymmetric factions to mix and match with current Root content for new player dynamics, as well as two new maps with new map-specific rules.

Publisher website
Underworld announcement banner

As always the expansion will come to Kickstarter first, but will also see a retail release once it has been finished production and has been shipped to everyone.

Underwater Cities and Talisman promo

Underwater Cities is back in stock. We have shipped all the pre-orders and have still a few copies left for new orders. And the game comes with the Biodome promo card.

The cover of Underwater Cities in all its beauty….

We have also received the Druid promo hero for Talisman: Leendary Tales, the co-operative family board game from Pegasus Spiele set in the Talisman universe.

Promo hero and game box

A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians Update

The good news: The Norwegians expansion has finally arrived in the UK. The bad news: only in very small numbers.

Box cover

So for us, this means that of 24 copies we had pre-ordered with the UK distributor we only will get three copies. This, unfortunately, means that we won’t be able to fulfil most of the pre-orders that have been placed with us.

We have informed all our pre-order customers by email and are very sorry that it has come to this. Because at the moment we don’t know if/when there will be a restock of the English edition, we are looking into ordering the German edition of the expansion which could be here sometime next week (and is with £24.95 also a lot cheaper than the English one).

The only problem: there is some German text on the game boards and some tokens.

Click on image to enlarge
Back of the German box

For comparison here is a screenshot of the English components of the expansion:

Click to enlarge
English components

There is also a discussion on BGG about the language independency of the expansion:

To be clear you won’t need to know another language to be able to play it. 

However, the new action board and exploration boards will have text on them. For me personally this means I will be waiting for an English copy. 

It will be up to each individual though to know how important that is to them.

BGG forum

If based on this informations anybody is interested in taking a copy of the German edition instead of the English edition, please let us know. We will place the order in Germany on Friday morning and should have the expansion in stock sometime next week.

Space Cowboys restarts TIME Stories

Eric Martin (BGG News) talked to Space Cowboys at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and the most interesting news they had for him was about the reboot of TIME Stories in Q3/Q4 of 2019:

TIME Stories base game

First, no base game will exist for what’s been re-dubbed TIME Stories Revolution. Each scenario will be a standalone item that can be played in any order relative to other titles in the “blue cycle”. Says Doucet, instead of starting each scenario in the time agents’ base with Bob scowling and sniping at you while giving you an info dump, you’ll jump straight into the scenario. While the “white cycle” tended to focus on items — as indicated by the cover of each scenario in it — the “blue cycle” will focus on characters, and the covers of these scenarios, such as that of TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night at right, will reflect that.

(BGG News)

The new cycle will start with two new scenarios (A Midsummer Night and The Hadal Project) in Q3/Q4 (I assume both will get released at GenCon in the US and at Essen in Europe).

Iello announces Expansion for Bunny KingDOM

Bunny Kingdom in the Sky is the first expansion for Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom.

Cover box

Bunny Kingdom in the Sky adds a new game board to the world of Bunny Kingdom that allows you to link fiefs in the sky with those on land. Aside from the game board, this expansion includes new cards, new types of resources, a set of playing pieces that allow five bunnies to play in the same game, and a larger type of building that increases your influence in that area by a factor of five.

(Publisher description)

The estimated release date for the UK is May and the expansion is now available to pre-order.

Link: Dice Tower News

FFG announces new set for KeyForge

Yesterday FFG announced Age of Ascension the second set for KeyForge:

Become a new Archon in Age of Ascension! As a new set of KeyForge, Age of Ascension mixes up the cardpool with 204 brand-new cards, joining 166 cards first introduced in Call of the Archons to create an entirely new pool of 370 cards and billions upon billions more Unique Decks for you to discover, learn, and master.

(FFG announcement)
Starter Set box cover

The estimated release date for Age of Ascension is June 2019. The Starter Set (£18.95) and the single Archon Decks (£7.95 each) are available to pre-order from today.

Age of Ascension: What do we know so far?

First expansion for Quacksalber in stock

Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg: Die Kräuterhexen is the first expansion for the Kennerspiel 2018 Die Quacksalber von Quedlingburg. The expansion is now in stock and pre-orders will get shipped tomorrow morning. We only have the German edition so far, but like with the German base game the expansion is completely playable with the English rules translation available on BGG.

Box Cover

The expansion adds the components for a fifth player, a new herb and new ingredient books to the game. If you would like to learn more about the expansion, here is a video review:

Video review of the first expansion for Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg