Azul First Player Tile

Plan B Games has replaced the cardboard first player token in the new print run of Azul with a resin token.

They also offer a replacement token for owners of the first print run, which can be ordered directly from Plan B Games. They have also announced that their UK distributor will get the tiles to supply them to retailers.

On yesterday’s delivery note there was the replacement tile listed, so I got really excited. Unfortunately, we have only received one tile, because the distributor had only received a very limited amount of tiles.  We will use the one tile we have received for our demo copy, but we have requested more tiles and hope that they will get them. But nobody could tell us when this will happen and how many tiles we will get. Once we have confirmation of the date and the number of tiles we will receive, we will post another update and also confirm how we are going to send them out to customers who had bought the first print run (most likely we will add them to the next order we are going to send to the customer).

Link: Plan B Announcement on BGG