Board Games included in Proposed US Tariffs

The first round of the US vs. China trade war went past us board gamers. But this will change soon: whereas in the first round of the trade conflict between the US and China board games were not included, this looks no longer the case.

The US government published a new set of proposals after the last round of talks with China failed. And in this proposals board and card games are included and would be subject to up to 25% import duty from the end of June.

This could turn into a potential problem for Kickstarters for which the funding phase have already ended but haven’t been delivered to customers yet. But it could also lead to a wide-ranging price increase across the industry.

At moment nobody can say how high the tariffs on games will be and if they will be imposed (there is still the possibility of a last minute agreement between the US and China), but it is definitely something I will follow closely in the next few weeks.