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We are coming to Dragondaze 2017

We will be at Dragondaze 2017 with a sales stand. Dragondaze is a Games Convention & Mini Comic Con in Newport, Wales on the 30th September.

The venue is the Newport Centre (1 Kingsway) and the event is starting at 10am and ends at 5pm.

If you are coming to Dragondaze you can place an order with us for collection: just choose the Dragondaze collection option during checkout instead of your normal shipping option.

Link: Dragondaze 2017

Back from the UK Games Expo

We are back from the UK Games Expo and we have opened the online shop again. Our Stock is now up to date, but because of all the games we have sold at the UK Games Expo very limited. We will spend most of this week sorting out restocks, so by the middle of next week it should be a lot better.

Please also bear with us for this week if we are not at as fast as usual processing your orders.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Meeples’ Corner at the UK Games Expo

Our stock is packed and we are ready to go:  tomorrow we are off to this year’s UK Games Expo at the NEC Birmingham.

There has been a late minute change in our stand location: the Expo hall plan is showing our stand at E1 (corner FFG Avenue and Finny Street), but because we are again working closely with Pegasus Spiele our stand has moved to the other side of the Pegasus stand (across Mage Company / corner of Thomasson Street and 4Ground Avenue). There you will not just find all the great games we will bring to the show but also all the Pegasus Spiele games like Great Western Trail, Railroad Revolution and their Expo release Guns & Steel.

Speaking of games: in the last couple of day we have received some deliveries including restocks of In the Year of the Dragon Ann. Edition, Notre Dame Ann. Edition, Orleans and the expansions, Arkham Horror LCG, Ulm and Concordia. But it’s not all about restocks, we will also have a few new releases: Flatline, Yokohama, Colosseum, Championship Formula Racing, Round House and Hanamikoji.

We are all quite excited for the Expo to finally start and hope to see you all at the NEC!

Spring Gaming Day: How to get there?

This Saturday it’s gaming time and we will meet at the Old Town Hall in Crediton for 10 hours of playing board and card games.

But how to get there? Because this is a new venue for us, not everybody will be familiar with the location of it. The Old Town Hall is right above the Crediton Museum on the High Street. The entrance is a bit hidden away, so here is a photo to show where exactly the entrance is.

Parking is quite easy: there is a big Council Car Park at the end of St Saviour’s Way (marked on the map). Parking there is £2 for 10 hours, which will cover you for the whole event. From the Car Park, you can take a footpath down to the High Street (exit marked on the photo).

If you are not coming by car, the bus connections from Exeter are quite good. Take the 5 (5, 5A, 5B or 5C ) and leave the bus at Crediton, Lloyds Bank.

See you all on Saturday!

Link: Bus timetables for Exeter – Crediton


Spring Gaming Day 2017

Winter is coming to an end and this can only mean one thing: our next Gaming Day is getting closer.

After our last Gaming Day was the first family friendly one and a big success, this one will also be open to everyone.

But we change venue again: instead of the football clubhouse we are meeting at the Old Town Hall (Crediton High Street), which gives us the same space and more central location with takeaway food nearby and a 24h Tesco next door. The Old Town Hall is booked for us on the 8th April from 12.30pm until 10pm.

Attendance for the day is free, so please come along and join us for some games!

Closer to the date I will start posting a list of games that will be available. There should be quite a few interesting ones, the list of games releasing in March looks quite promising.

Link: Event on Facebook

Winter Gaming Day 2016

Back by popular demand: Our last Gaming Days have been a success and with all the new Essen games coming out it’s time to have another day of gaming.

This year we will meet at the Crediton United AFC clubhouse, which means that unlike the last couple of years, this year children are welcome to come along.

We are meeting on the 19th November from 12.30pm. We can use clubhouse until 9.30pm in the evening.

Attendance for the day is free, we are still talking to the football club about the arrangements for the bar and food, but worst case is that everybody is free to bring along food and drinks.

Once I know what games will arrive after Essen in time for the Gaming Day, I’ll post a list of available games here.

Possible special guests on the day are Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!) and Joel Wright (Devon Dice Podcast).

Our group is also meeting every Tuesday evening at the Phoenix cafe in Exeter. There is a Facebook group to organize the weekly meetings.

Please send me a message if you have any questions about attending. And if you would like to come along, please let me know, too.

Looking forward to seeing you!

A First Timer’s Essen Impressions

As someone relatively new in the hobby proper (only the last couple of years or so) I’d heard plenty about Essen as the Mecca of hobby gaming in Europe. This year I managed to arrange to get there for at least a couple of days and experience it myself for the first time.

I had heard plenty of stories, warnings, recommendations and more for trips to Essen. I’d heard it can be very busy, particularly on the weekend, so I booked only Thursday and Friday. I’d heard it would be difficult to actually demo any games, so I pre-booked demos where possible. I’d heard games will sell out impossibly fast in some cases, so I made sure I had as complete a list of interesting titles to check out as I could manage.

Giant King of New York at Iello
Giant King of New York at Iello

Thankfully, most of the warnings and worries were unfounded. It was hellish busy, for sure, but the halls are massive and getting around wasn’t a problem, other than running into the crazies with their trolleys and trailers piled high with games from time to time.
Getting demos of games also wasn’t a problem, at least if you weren’t concerned by which games you tried out. Over the course of two days we managed to play twelve different games, which was great. That was a mix of games from smaller publishers in side booths to big games from premier publishers. At no point did we have to wait more than about five minutes for a table to open up, but if we wanted to play one of the higher profile titles we may have struggled. 7 Wonders: Duel and Pandemic Legacy in particular were extremely busy and we never saw a space available or without a queue for a demo.

Busy tables at Kosmos
Busy tables at Kosmos

Some of the games we demoed included:

  • The 7th Continent
  • Evolution
  • Antarctica
  • CVlizations
  • Epic
  • Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon
One of the hot new releases, Antarctica
One of the hot new releases, Antarctica

The other surprise was the size of the place. I’d expected it to be big… immensely big, in fact. But even being prepared for how big it is does nothing when your only experience of something similar is the UK Games Expo. I mean, that’s a decent size show in its own right, but it is nothing compared to Essen. The entire UK Games Expo would fit inside just one of the four massive halls used in Essen. Not only that, but Hall 3 is the big one and about double the size of any of the other halls! In the first day we managed to cover about 50% of Hall 3 and ‘most’ of Hall 1. On Friday we had to prioritise, we did Hall 7 fairly well, but paid lip service to Hall 2 for the most part, as we had a lot of Hall 3 left to go over!

One half of Hall 3 - the scale of the show is incredible
One half of Hall 3 – the scale of the show is incredible

In terms of sell outs, I thankfully had no problem picking up the games I wanted. I had prepared quite well, I think, and preordered wherever possible for the titles I was most interested in and thought would be limited. These included the Japon Brand games and some of the other Asian companies. The only game on my interest list which did sell out completely was Baseball Highlights 2045 from Eagle Gryphon Games. However, they’d only brought about 20 copies with them, so it was no surprise to discover they’d sold out in the first hour of the show!

Overall, it was so much better an experience than I expected. We got to play lots of games, buy lots of games, see and meet lots of people including serendipitous currywurst meetings with designers (Jeffrey Allers – Citrus, New Amsterdam, Alea Iacta Est & Gil Hova – Bad Medicine, Battle Merchants, The Networks) who simply wanted to share our table when eating lunch!

Personally, I came home with about 15 different games, mostly small, but a couple of biggies which I can’t wait to dig into. There were plenty of others I saw and played which I’d like to get my hands on at some stage and I’ve reserved my room for next year – this time a little closer the Messe and in the centre of town. I’m counting down the days to Essen 2016 already!

Favourite Game of the Show: The 7th Continent by Serious Poulp

The 7th Continent - exploring the initial terrain cards
The 7th Continent – exploring the initial terrain cards

We had a demo of this game, currently on Kickstarter, which promises to relive the days of the choose your own adventure game books. It definitely lives up to those claims with some clever mechanics in play. Well worth checking out, though the price is a bit off-putting this early on.

Surpise Game of the Show: Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon by Ares Games

Surprise hit, Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon
Surprise hit, Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon

A deduction game where one player plays Poseidon and the others control ships attempting to find the central island on the map. Poseidon has his own copy of the map and can choose, each round, to move one or all ships in different directions. The players have to deduce from the small clues Poseidon gives where they are on the map (‘you can see two islands’ or ‘you can see a ship and an island’ etc), moving their ships to where they think they are before committing to another move of their own. Simple, quick, delightful.

Punt of the Show: Champions of Midgard by Grey Fox Games

The monster deck of Champions of Midgard
The monster deck of Champions of Midgard

I had watched this since the Kickstarter, which I nearly backed. It’s thematically and stylistically very similar to another Viking themed game which was on Kickstarter (Raiders of the North Sea from Garphill Games) which I had backed, so I chose not to double dip into Vikings at the time.

However, the game looks great. It is a worker placement game where you collect resources and warriors (dice) to do battle with monsters and trolls to gain favour or, if you fail, earn blame. The player with the most favour at the end of the game wins.
I didn’t get to demo the game, as there was only one table and it was busy every time we were there. However, it was Friday afternoon, I was only there for another couple of hours and hadn’t bought a big game yet, so I had to go for it!

Game list for Winter Games Day

Next Saturday is our Winter Games Day here in Crediton. I’ve organized the games that we will play and for each game one gamer who can explain the game. This should make it easier to play the games without any bigger delays.

List of games on 13 games for the Games Day

Hopefully we will have enough different games to spend a nice day playing and having fun.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Updated list of games for the Gaming Day

I’ve updated the list of games that will be available to play at our Gaming Day.

I will prepare at least two of the games on the list (reading the rules, preparing the components etc.) and will ask other members of our Gaming Group to do the same. As soon as I know which games will be prepared, I will post a time table where everybody can sign up for the games. Hopefully this way we get quite a few games going during the afternoon/evening.

If there are any questions or comments regarding the games or the event, please let me know.

Link: List of games on