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Roll Dice Gaming: Order Collection

In ten days time, the first Roll Dice Gaming event will happen at the Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol. We will be at the show (stand: W52) with a selection of our stock and two demo tables to give you the chance to try out some of the games of our cooperation partner Pegasus Spiele.

If you attend the event and would like to place an order for collection at our stand: just choose the collection option during checkout and your order will wait for you in Bristol. You can either pay online or when you collect the order at the show.

Link: Roll Dice Gaming website

Using Text Fairy to translate German games

On Friday we played Rise of Queensdale for the first time. The game is only available in German at the moment, which means that I usually explain the rules and help with any text on the components (in this case no text on the components, but there are a lot of cards).

Rise of Queensdale setup for the first game

It worked quite well for Queensdale, but there are some event cards during the game that are not meant for the public and only for the player who drew them. Luckily for us Joel (Devon Dice Podcast) came up with the idea to translate the card with an app from his iPhone. It worked really well, so I wasn’t needed for the cards anymore.

There were only two problems with the solution: the app Joel used was quite pricey with £8.99 per month and I don’t have an iPhone. So over the weekend, I searched the Play store for an alternative and found one: the app is called Text Fairy, is open source and free. Scanning text is possible in English and German out of the box with more languages available to download. Scanning card text or rulebook text is no problem and very fast. And once the text has been scanned the app gives the option to translate the scanned text with Google translate which also works very well and the translations are good enough to understand what you need to know for the game you are playing. I haven’t tried the app yet in live action but I will definitely give it a go the next time we play a game with German text like Quacksalber or Queensdale (being a Legacy game the next session will come soon).

Link: Installing and using Text Fairy

Pegasus Spiele needs your help at the UKGE

Pegasus Spiele is back for this year’s UK Games Expo with lots of games. They are looking for volunteers to explain and run demo rounds of their games.

The list of games they will have available is long (subject to change) and also includes games from the Children’s games line:

  • Istanbul – Bix Box
  • Brains Family – Burgen & Drachen (Castles & Dragons)
  • Axio
  • Dragon Master
  • Film ab
  • Istanbul – The Dice Game
  • Port Royal + The Adventure begins expansion
  • Pummeleinhorn – Der Kekfe-Marathon (Chubby Unicorn – The Cookie Marathon)
  • Pummeleinhorn – Der Superkeks (Chubby Unicorn – The Super Cookie)
  • Pummeleinhorn – Mampf Mampf (Chubby Unicorn – Munch Munch)
  • Round the World
  • 4 Seasons
  • Design Town
  • Elements
  • Guns & Steel
  • Sheep & Thief
  • Santo Domingo
  • The Dwarves + Saga Expansion
  • The Dwarves – The Duel
  • Fuchs du hast das Huhn gestohlen (Outfox the fox)
  • Grimaffen (Manic Monkeys)
  • Gute Nacht Monster (Good Night Monster)
  • Katz & Schmaus (The Cat’s Meow)
  • Kinder-Rommé – Bauernhoftiere *NEW*
  • Sei kein Frosch *NEW*
  • Timmy räumt auf (Timmy tidies up)
  • Zauberei hoch drei (Wizardry to the power of three)

Pegasus is asking for your help for 10 hours (2x 5 hour shifts) over the three days of the Expo and are offering the ticket for all three days of the Expo, a Pegasus shirt (you have to wear it during the demo rounds), the game you are explaining is for you to keep and you will get another game from Pegasus of your choice. Friday and Saturday afternoon are the times when they need the most help.

If you are interested, please send us a message and we will send you the contact details of Pegasus, so you can talk to them about the details.

UK Games Expo: Collection option is live

At the end of the month,  we again will be at the UK Games Expo (Stand G-1 / Hall 1 / at the corner of the Pegasus stand).

The option to collect orders at the Expo is now online as well as the option to pay for the order by card when you collect it. As last year please let us know in the comments section of the order on what day you would like to collect your order.

Gaming Day: How to get there?

This Saturday it’s gaming time and we will meet at the Old Town Hall in Crediton for 9 hours of playing board and card games.

But how to get there? The Old Town Hall is right above the Crediton Museum on the High Street. The entrance is a bit hidden away, so please check the photo to see where exactly the entrance is.

Parking is quite easy: there is a big Council Car Park at the end of St Saviour’s Way (marked on the map). Parking there is £3 for the day. From the Car Park, you can take a footpath down to the High Street (exit marked on the photo).

If you are not coming by car, the bus connections from Exeter are quite good. Take the 5 (5, 5A, 5B or 5C ) and leave the bus at Crediton, Lloyds Bank.

Food and drinks-wise it’s quite easy: You are welcome to bring everything along. Across the road from the Town Hall there are a Costa (open until 6pm), a Tesco, a Wetherspoons (good dinner) and three takeaways, so you are safe even if you forgot to bring a packed lunch.

Gaming Day Update (23/03/18)

Only three more weeks until our Spring Gaming Day here in Crediton. Time to give you a quick update.

There are a few new games available just in time to try them out at the Gaming Day. New games include:

  • Sonar (four player edition of Captain Sonar with streamlined rules)
  • Star Wars: Legion Core Set (if I manage to assemble everything in time)
  • Century: Golem Edition (re-themed version of Century: Spice Road)
  • Lords of Hellas
  • Moorea (the new game from dlp Games)

Our Kingdomino tournament is very popular, but we still have one slot left. If you are interested, you can enter here. Iello is sending us a box of goodies for all participants and there will be a price for the winner.

And because we have received some messages asking for the option to collect online orders at the Gaming Day: this is now live on the shop website. If you are from Somerset, Devon or Cornwall you should see the option to collect on the Gaming Day during checkout and also the option to pay by card on the day.

Link: Event on Facebook

Last Friday’s Gaming Night

Last Friday was our monthly Gaming Night at Meeples’ Corner HQ.

We split up into two groups with four players each. My table started with London (2nd Edition / Osprey Games), a game I had on my list for a long time now.

Compared to other games from Martin Wallace, this one is not very complicated or heavy. It plays fairly quickly with only one of four different actions possible each turn and all in all we needed roughly 80 minutes including first time setup and rules explanation. Everybody was very happy with the game. Only one of us had played the first edition of the game and he said that components (box, artwork, quality of the cards) and the changes made to the game, made him enjoy the game a lot more than when he played the first edition.

After the end of London, it was time for Century: Spice Road: Nobody at the table beside me had played it, so I quickly grabbed it from the shelf and off we went.

After a few slower turns at the beginning, the game went along quite fast. As with Azul I’m always amazed at the quality of the components and the ease of play. It’s not hard to understand and to play, but like Azul hard to master. I hadn’t played this for quite a while, but now I’m definitely looking forward to the two new Century games releasing this year.

While we were busy rebuilding London Table #2 played a much quicker game and by the time I managed to walk over to the table, they were already done and started setting up Bunny Kingdom, the new Richard Garfield game.

For the rest of the night, there was lots of laughter coming from Table #2. Everybody seemed to really enjoy the game and there is another round of Bunny Kingdom planned for our next Gaming night this Friday.

For me, it was another great night at the shop with lots of great people and very good games. And the best thing: the wait for the next Gaming Night is not long because our Crediton Inn night is already this Friday (start is at 7pm).

Link: Meeples’ Corner Events on Facebook


Crediton Spring Gaming Day 2018 (14th April)

Good news: the Old Town Hall is booked for another Gaming Day here in Crediton.

The event starts at 1pm and ends at 21.30pm. As always we will have lots of games available to play from the Meeples’ Corner library and from the members of our gaming group. Here are a few of the games we will bring along:

  • Santa Maria
  • Clans of Caledonia
  • Spirit Island
  • Gaia Project
  • Gentes
  • Escape from the Dark Castle
  • Loot Island
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn
  • Clank in Space
  • Cthulhu Wars
  • Dark Souls
  • London (2nd Edition / Osprey)
  • Orleans
  • Voyages of Marco Polo
  • Cthulhu Wars

For the first time, we are also planning a tournament for the day: It will be a 12 player Kingdomino tournament (every participant will receive two Kingdomino promo castles with a special price for the winner), played on a giant Kingdomino edition provided by Pegasus Spiele. More details about the exact format of the tournament will follow closer to the date, but at the moment it looks like we will have three qualifying games with the three winners and the highest scoring second placed player playing in the final.

Children are welcome (one of the reasons why we moved the event to a different location) and there will be games like Ticket to Ride Europe, Dream Home, Mysterious Forest and other games for younger players available.

Attendance for the day is free, so please come along and join us for some games!

For any questions, please leave a comment or sent us a message.

Link: Event on Facebook

Meeples’ Corner: Upcoming Events

I’ve just posted our upcoming events on Facebook and the next two months will be quite busy.

In March we will have two Gaming Nights: as usual one will be here at the shop and the second one will be at the Crediton Inn.

But the big event will be our Spring Gaming Day on Saturday, 14th April.  The Old Town Hall here in Crediton is booked from 1 pm to 9.30 pm. A list of available games on the day will get posted here soon, there will be quite a lot of games available from the Meeples’ Corner library and from the members of our gaming group.

Attendance for the day is free and Children are welcome, so please come along and join us for some games!

More details about the Gaming Day will get posted closer to the event date.

Pegasus Spiele event this weekend

On Saturday, the 25th November, we will run a special Pegasus Spiele event at the shop from 12pm until 5pm.

Pegasus has sent us a box of brand new games:

  • Istanbul – The Dice Game
  • Indian Summer
  • Azul (Pegasus is publishing the German edition)
  • Noria

These games (and other Pegasus games like Memoarrr or 4 Seasons) can get played at four tables during the afternoon.

Because on Saturday is also the Christmas lights switch on in Crediton parking at the High Street or the Market Square will be nearly impossible. The best option is the council car park at St. Saviour’s Way (£1 from 9am to 6pm).