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Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates review

Beyond the Gates is the first expansion for Paper Tales.

Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates contains twenty new units and six new buildings that are meant to both preserve the balance of the base game and enhance its possibilities and replay value. With this expansion, players can now start with a set of seven buildings available, out of eleven, and these buildings are different every game. Each new building opens new strategies, as does the impact of the new units.

Dale Yu has played the expansion and has posted a review about the expansion:

Overall this is a very useful expansion to the base game, and one that I’m simply adding wholesale to my base box. I really don’t see much call to play the game without the extras, and as everything is clearly marked, you could always quickly revert the set to the base game. A definite keeper for me.

Link: Opinionated Gamers – Review

FFG: Preview for new Fallout expansion

Fallout- New California is the first expansion for the Fallout board game. FFG has now posted the first preview, looking closer at the five new survivors it will add to the game:

The New California expansion introduces five new survivors to Fallout: The Board Game and, before anything else, it’s important to get to know who you might be. Each of these plucky newcomers has their own perspective on life in the wasteland, and today, we’re going to take a closer look at just what makes each of them tick!

Link: FFG-Website

Keyforge UK release date confirmed

Asmodee UK has confirmed the UK release date for Keyforge, the new card game from FFG designed by Richard Garfield:

We will have a Gaming Night at the shop on the 16th, so the perfect occasion to have a look at this interesting new game.

Pandoria: Video-Preview

Pandoria is the new game from Irongames and will get released at Essen later this month.

In the “gamer’s game” Pandoria, players discover this new land by placing tiles, and they claim its territory and resources by placing their people. When a type of terrain is completely surrounded by other terrain, every worker on the borders of that terrain gains its resources. Although more than one civilization will usually benefit, each player tries to gain more than the others. Mining gold gives you income to buy cards that have two options: buildings and spells. Acquiring wood allows you to build that side of the card for permanent advantages, while mining crystals gives you the power to use the card for its one-time spell instead. Excess resources can be converted into prestige Points, and some buildings can generate more. When the new land has been fully explored (all tiles have been placed), the player with the most prestige is declared the most powerful nation of Pandoria and wins the game!

Eric Martin (BGG News) has already played a prototype of the game and has published a preview video about the game.


Legendary Encounters: X – Files Review

Legendary Encounters: X – Files has been released in the US in September.

Legendary® Encounters: The X-Files™ Deck Building Game is a card game themed around the award-winning television series The X-files™. Players will take on the roles of their favorite truth-seeking special agents like Mulder, Scully or Skinner and work together to expose and overcome a variety of grand conspiracies. Mystery and subterfuge fog the way forward as players, encouraged by beliefs and encountered by doubts, work to reveal and defeat an unrelenting stream of malevolent agents and paranormal entities.

Unfortunately no sign or announcement yet for the UK. At least we can check out a video review from Dice and Dragons to see if it is worth the wait:

Pretzel Games announces Men at Work

Pretzel Games, makers of Junk Art and Flick Em Up, have announced their next game:

Pretzel Games is thrilled to announce our next title, Men at Work!

Men at Work is an exciting competition of ever growing proportions as players construct a building over the course of the game. With beautiful wood components, Men at Work will tower over your table as a monument to fun! Players can expect to find lots of replayability with three different play modes!

Put your helmet on and get back to work!

Retail release of the game – and updated versions of Junk Art and Flick Em Up – is planned for November (after the release of the games at Essen).

Link: Pretzel Games announcement

Star Trek: Flick game announced

Wizkids Game has announced a new Star Trek game and this time it is a flicking game:

Designed by Mike Elliott (Thunderstone, Star Trek: Fleet Captains), Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone has the Federation and Klingon Empire vying to exploit the resource-rich planets of the Neutral Zone. Players flick discs representing various starships from the Star Trek universe in an attempt to collect resources or attack other ships. Players bring a ship within range of an energy or command point planet to collect resources. If a planet is already occupied, the player can attack the rival ship by knocking it off the planet or game board.

The release of the game is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Link: ICv2 News

Deutscher Spielpreis 2018: Azul wins

The Merz Verlag, the organiser of the Essen board game show, has announced the winner of the Deutsche Spielepreis 2018: It is Azul, which also won the Spiel des Jahres award. The award is based on votes by the gaming public (votes are possible in FLGS and online).

The Top 10 this year are:

  1. Azul from Michael Kiesling and Next Move
  2. Gaia Project from Helge Ostertag, Jens Drögemüller, and Feuerland Spiele#
  3. Rajas of the Ganges from Inka and Markus Brand and HUCH!
  4. Clans of Caledonia from Juma Al-JouJou and Karma Games
  5. Heaven & Ale from Michael Kiesling (him again!), Andreas Schmidt, and eggertspiele
  6. Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 from Matt Leacock, Rob Daviau, and Z-Man Games
  7. Clank! from Paul Dennen and Renegade Game Studios
  8. Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg from Wolfgang Warsch and Schmidt Spiele
  9. The Mind from Wolfgang Warsch and Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag
  10. Altiplano from Reiner Stockhausen and dlp games

Winner of a special award for Children’s games is Memoarrr! (edition Spielwiese).

Link: Award announcement