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Altiplano: Early restock next week

We just received great news from dlp Games: They had an order cancellation and can send us another delivery with Altiplano. We have already confirmed the order and it will get shipped from Germany on Monday or Tuesday. If everything goes as fast as the last time, it should arrive on Friday.

Last week Man vs. Meeple posted their video review of the game, which gives you a good idea if this game could be for you (especially if you already own Orleans or have played it).

New in stock (17/08/17)

This week’s new releases are all here.  New in stock are:

And finally available are the two expansions for Star Trek Ascendancy:

We also received the ship packs for the two expansions.


Shop Update

A quick update what is happening on the shop website at the moment:

Two days ago FFG announced Fallout – The Board Game. Today the pre-order went online. Price for the game is £48.95 and expected release date is November/December.

Another new pre-order on the website is Photosynthesis, the new game from Blue Orange Games (Kingdomino). The European release will be at Essen 2017, so the game should be available at the end of October.

And finally good news for Arena: For the Gods. The new game from Iello is on its way to us and should be available from Monday.


July Top 5

July is the start of the quieter part of the year and it shows in the Pre-Order Top 5 with some smaller titles listed there:

1) Star Wars: Rebellion – Rise of the Empire
2) Unlock! – Mystery Adventures
3) Cities of Splendor
4) First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
5) Unearth

Sales were still dominated by Barenpark, but there were also a few interesting new releases making their way into the Top 5:

1) Bärenpark
2) Near and Far
3) Terraforming Mars
4) Dice Forge
5) Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star

Matagot announces Sonar

Matagot has announced Sonar, a 4-player-version of Captain Sonar:

Time for an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, with each of the two teams in ””’Sonar””’ competing to be the first to deal two points of damage to the other. Do that, and you win the game instantly.

In detail, ”Sonar” includes four pairs of maps, and each team takes the same maps in their color. A team can be one or two players, and with two players on a team, each player takes a different role: Captain or Radio Operator. (A one–person team handles both roles.) A divider separates the teams, and each Captain marks their starting location on the map.

On a turn, the Captain calls out an action, typically moving their sub one space north, south, east, or west. When they do this, they call out a direction, mark their new location, and add one energy to their ship’s register. The Radio Operator on the other team notes the movement of this sub on a plastic sheet, and through deduction and trial-and-error tries to determine exactly where the opposing sub might be on the map.

The game has been developed as a simplified version of Captain Sonar and in the US it will be available exclusively in Target stores. It is expected to be available in the 4th quarter, no news yet about an UK or Europe release.

Link: BGG-News

Top Origins Games

Shut Up & Sit Down have posted their top games from Origins 2017:

But what really goes on at Origins? Shut Up & Sit Down was curious, so I donned my best black hoodie and infiltrated the scene. Slipping past the bronze statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger that guards the convention center, I entered a bustling space filled with thousands of gamers. Fortunately I seemed to blend in, and… oh, alright. It was just a great con.

Their hits of the show have been:

  • Unearth
  • Sidereal Confluence
  • Night Witches
  • Winterhorn
  • RuneQuest
  • Lisboa
  • Seikatsu
  • Pit Crew

You can read more about all the games in the SU&SD article.

Link: Top 8 Games from Origins