Difference between Aeon’s End 2nd and 1st Edition

Yesterday we have received the 2nd Edition of Aeon’s End. Some customers have asked us what the difference between the two editions is.

The first noticeable difference is the slightly smaller box: The first edition was a larger square box like Legendary: Marvel. The new box is a standard Ticket to Ride square box, more in line what you expect from a deckbuilding game.

The second difference is the correction of some mistakes on card texts and the clarification of some card texts.

The third and most obvious difference are the new card layouts:

Aeon’s End 1st Edition – some cards and a character sheet
Aeon’s End 2nd Edition – same cards and character sheet

And another question came up: Can I use the 2nd Edition expansions with my first edition base game? Yes, this should be no problem, because the back of the cards is the same for both editions.