Final Scythe expansion announced

Stonemaier Games has announced the third and final expansion for Scythe:

Scythe: The Rise of Fenris is set in the same post-apocalyptic steampunk world as the base game and earlier expansions, and is fully compatible with all previous expansions. The heart of The Rise of Fenris is an eight-part campaign that uses a number of features commonly found in “legacy” style games, including secret components in sealed tuckboxes and persistent changes to the game from scenario to scenario. Unlike a typical legacy game, however, this expansion can be completely reset and replayed. In addition, the 11 modules that make up the campaign can all be used independently or combined as players see fit, even when not playing the campaign version.

Expected release date for the expansion is August/September 2018 (Gencon release) and we will offer it for pre-orders as soon as we have the details for the UK release.

Link: ICv2 News