Imperial Assault will get app support soon

FFG has published more details about Legends of the Alliance, the app for Star Wars – Imperial Assault:

Legends of the Alliance is a free companion app for Imperial Assault that promises to revolutionize the way that you play the game. Until now, your campaign games of Imperial Assault have been divided between two sides. Up to four players became heroes of the Alliance, fighting for freedom across the galaxy. The final player took on the role of the Empire—commanding Imperial forces, triggering powerful events, and serving as the heroes’ opponent over the course of the campaign.

With the Legends of the Alliance app, you immediately have the chance to challenge and reform these existing roles. The Legends of the Alliance app assumes the role of the Imperial player—handling every aspect of the game once controlled by that player, whether commanding the Imperial forces in battle, springing traps on the Rebel heroes, and inviting you to explore secret bases and strange planets in entirely new ways.

At its core, Legends of the Alliance introduces a fully-formed, cooperative way to play Imperial Assault, controlling all of the soldiers and responsibilities once handled by the Imperial player and freeing you and your friends to unite against the Galactic Empire.

The app will include a tutorial and a new five-mission campaign, playable with only the base set. But as with the Descent app, you can add your expansions to the in-game collection and expand the content available in the app.

According to the article, the app will get released soon. If it will be the same as with the Descent app, it should be available for iOS, Android and steam.

Link: FFG Announcement