Last Friday’s Gaming Night

Last Friday was our monthly Gaming Night at Meeples’ Corner HQ.

We split up into two groups with four players each. My table started with London (2nd Edition / Osprey Games), a game I had on my list for a long time now.

Compared to other games from Martin Wallace, this one is not very complicated or heavy. It plays fairly quickly with only one of four different actions possible each turn and all in all we needed roughly 80 minutes including first time setup and rules explanation. Everybody was very happy with the game. Only one of us had played the first edition of the game and he said that components (box, artwork, quality of the cards) and the changes made to the game, made him enjoy the game a lot more than when he played the first edition.

After the end of London, it was time for Century: Spice Road: Nobody at the table beside me had played it, so I quickly grabbed it from the shelf and off we went.

After a few slower turns at the beginning, the game went along quite fast. As with Azul I’m always amazed at the quality of the components and the ease of play. It’s not hard to understand and to play, but like Azul hard to master. I hadn’t played this for quite a while, but now I’m definitely looking forward to the two new Century games releasing this year.

While we were busy rebuilding London Table #2 played a much quicker game and by the time I managed to walk over to the table, they were already done and started setting up Bunny Kingdom, the new Richard Garfield game.

For the rest of the night, there was lots of laughter coming from Table #2. Everybody seemed to really enjoy the game and there is another round of Bunny Kingdom planned for our next Gaming night this Friday.

For me, it was another great night at the shop with lots of great people and very good games. And the best thing: the wait for the next Gaming Night is not long because our Crediton Inn night is already this Friday (start is at 7pm).

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