Meeple Day: How to get there?

This Saturday it’s gaming time and we will meet at the Old Town Hall in Crediton for eight hours of playing board and card games.

If you would like to have a look at the new shop (143 High Street, next to Steve B’s bakery): I will be at the shop from 10am to get the games sorted for the Games Day until 12pm, when I will move over to the Town Hall to set up everything.

The Old Town Hall is right above the Crediton Museum on the High Street. The entrance is a bit hidden away, so please check the photo to see where exactly the entrance is.

Entry to the Old Town Hall

Parking is quite easy: there is a big Council Car Park at the end of St Saviour’s Way (marked on the map). Parking there is £3 for the day. From the Car Park, you can take a footpath down to the High Street (exit marked on the photo).

Car Park in Crediton

If you are not coming by car, the bus connections from Exeter are quite good. Take the 5 (5, 5A, 5B or 5C ) and leave the bus at Crediton, Lloyds Bank.

Food and drinks-wise it’s quite easy: You are welcome to bring everything along. Across the road from the Town Hall, there is a Costa (open until 6pm), a Tesco, a Wetherspoons (good dinner) and three takeaways, so you are safe even if you forgot to bring a packed lunch.