Memoir ’44: New Flight Plan expansion

For a while it was very quite around Memoir ’44, the very successful WW2 game from Days of Wonder using the C&C system from Richard Borg. But now most of the old expansion are back in stock and Days of Wonder has new plans for the game. Yesterday they announced New Flight Plan, the biggest expansion yet for the game.

Components of the new expansion for Memoir ’44

In this expansion, you will be able to deploy air units, such as fighters, fighter-bombers and even bombers to support your troops on the battlefield. This is not the first time airplanes will make an appearance in the Memoir 44 system, but with its all new set of streamlined rules, Memoir 44 – New Flight Plan grants many new tactical options and is compatible with all existing scenarios in all theaters of operation.
The expansion also comes with 21 new scenarios and 16 finely-crafted, legendary planes, in impressive sizes, such as the B-17 that measures 72mm by 101mm. 

(Source: Days of Wonder Blog)

The expansion is expected to arrive in Europe in May. Hopefully we will be able to offer it for pre-order soon.