New expansion for Shards of Infinity

Ultra Pro has announced Shadow of Salvation, a new expansion for Shards of Infinity. The expansion will add 118 new cards, a new hero and new faction and a campaign mode to the game.

Box Cover

The fate of the world is in your hands…

In this third installment of the award-winning Shards of Infinity Deckbuilding Game, players can choose one of 2 modes to play!

Play like Classic Shards and use the hero Rez’s new Relics and Allies to take down your opponents in player vs. player battles, OR heed the warning of the time-traveling Rez and play cooperatively in a new campaign mode to battle through a series of bosses with up to four of your friends!

(Source: Publisher description)
Shadow of Salvation components

The expansion is expected to release later this year. We will add it to our pre-order section once the UK release has been confirmed.