New Frontier board game coming

Race for the Galaxy designer Tom Lehmann has announced New Frontier, a board game based in the Race for the Galaxy.

New Frontiers, designed with Andreas Seyfarth’s permission, takes Race for the Galaxy back to one of its inspirations, Puerto Rico.

In New Frontiers, players build galactic empires by selecting, in turn, an action that everyone may do, with only the selecting player gaining that action’s bonus.

One group of 8 developments are always in play, giving the game its core structure. For your first game, the other developments have “preset” sides. In later games, which of the other 8 two-sided “small” developments and 8 two-sided “large” 9-cost developments will be in play is randomly determined during setup. This provides variety from game to game, while allowing players to make strategic plans based on the developments in play at the start of each specific game.

The game is already in production with an estimated release of September.

Link: BGG Post