This week’s new releases

It’s the summer holidays, but it looks like nobody has told this to the board game publishers. They keep on releasing game after game, which means that this week we are expecting fourteen new games/expansions:

Most of these will be available on Wednesday, but some (Ticket to Ride, Runebound Expansion, Modern Art) will get released at the end of the week.

Two new Pegasus games

Two new games from Pegasus have arrived yesterday afternoon: 4 Seasons (a 2-Player trick taking game) and Memoarrr!.

Memoarrr! (from Edition Spielwiese / publishers of Cottage Garden) is a memory game with a twist: You have to open a card that has either the same animal or the same backgroud on it as the last card in the chain to stay in the game. The last player left gets a victory point card and the new round starts with all the cards in the same place so in theory from round to round you should get better in building longer card chains. An expert rules variant adds special powers of the animals to the game.

We played it twice yesterday (without the special powers) and it was good fun. Easy to explain, short playing time – a nice family game or as someone in our group said a good candidate for a drinking game.

Board Game News

A quick look at two news:

  • Z-Man Games has announced an updated reprint of the Reiner Knizia classic Through the Desert. The game will join the Euro Classics line, which ZMan is apparently taking over from FFG. (Source: ZMan Games Website)
  • Eagle Games has confirmed that all European copies of Lisboa have been destroyed in a fire. I’m not sure yet, what this means for retailers, so we have to wait until I hear something from my supplier. (Source: TableTop News)

Week in review

A busy week comes to an end and a lot of new games are now available.

Today sees the release of The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, the new big box game from Cool Mini Or Not designed by Eric M. Lang.

Early this week we have received more interesting new games and expansions:

We have also received a restock of Roll Player and this time in larger numbers, so we put the game back up on our website.

And good news in regards to the reprint of Cthulhu Wars: It has cleared customs and has arrived at our supplier. We will receive our delivery and will start shipping pre-orders on Wednesday.

Matagot announces Sonar

Matagot has announced Sonar, a 4-player-version of Captain Sonar:

Time for an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, with each of the two teams in ””’Sonar””’ competing to be the first to deal two points of damage to the other. Do that, and you win the game instantly.

In detail, ”Sonar” includes four pairs of maps, and each team takes the same maps in their color. A team can be one or two players, and with two players on a team, each player takes a different role: Captain or Radio Operator. (A one–person team handles both roles.) A divider separates the teams, and each Captain marks their starting location on the map.

On a turn, the Captain calls out an action, typically moving their sub one space north, south, east, or west. When they do this, they call out a direction, mark their new location, and add one energy to their ship’s register. The Radio Operator on the other team notes the movement of this sub on a plastic sheet, and through deduction and trial-and-error tries to determine exactly where the opposing sub might be on the map.

The game has been developed as a simplified version of Captain Sonar and in the US it will be available exclusively in Target stores. It is expected to be available in the 4th quarter, no news yet about an UK or Europe release.

Link: BGG-News

Delayed Releases

I’ve just updated our Pre-Order section and checked all the remaining July releases. Quite a lot of them won’t make the originally estimated release date of July and have slipped into August.

The delayed games are:

  • 4 Seasons
  • Achai
  • Arena: For the Gods
  • 2x Champions of Midgard expansions
  • Dark Souls
  • Delve
  • Flip Ships
  • Hotshots
  • Junk Art (Plastic Edition)
  • Lisboa
  • Martians: A Story of Civilization
  • Master of Orion
  • Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient
  • Sentient
  • The Expanse
  • The Lord of the Ice Garden
  • Vengeance
  • Witches of the Revolution

July was maybe always a bit optimistic because like they do with Essen releases in October more and more publishers are planning to release/present game at Gencon in August, so there is no hurry to release a game before the show.


New releases for this week confirmed

With a bit of a delay, we have received confirmation of the new games we will get delivered this week.

Arriving soon are:

We also had hoped for an arrival early this week of the reprint of Cthulhu Wars, but unfortunately, it is stuck in customs and will need a few more days. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we should know more about the exact release date.

Two new game previews posted

Asmodee has posted a preview for Cities of Splendor, the upcoming expansion for Splendor:

With Cities of Splendor—a collection of four distinct expansions, each offering a unique experience—you can make your dreams of fame a reality as you outthink your opponents. No matter which expansion you choose to use, you’ll find an entirely new way to play Splendor, expanding the game’s replayability without sacrificing the elegance of the original.

And ZMan Games has announced Majesty: For the Realm, a new card game from Splendor designer Marc Andre:

In Majesty, you take on the role of a king or queen seeking to gain power during the Middle Ages. Like any good monarch, you have plenty of subjects ready to do your bidding and help your kingdom grow. Running a kingdom is no easy task and you must make the best use of your subjects and buildings if you want to succeed.




New arrivals and restocks (20/07/17)

It has been a very busy week with lots of deliveries and new arrivals. So without further ado the list games that have arrived:

Terraforming Mars, Clank, Barenpark and Caverna: Cave vs. Cave are the restocks we have received on Tuesday and Wednesday. And that is not all: for next week we are expecting Captain Sonar, Magic Maze and Great Western Trail back.

New arrivals are:

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