Gaming Night (24/02/2015)

Yesterday was our regular Gaming Night in Exeter. We started by playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf.


Afterwards we split up into two groups. My group played Sheriff of Nottingham, which was more fun than I expected because I normally don’t like bluffing games. Weirdly it seems like the honest merchant has it easier to win, but maybe I just don’t play it the right way or I’m not a good liar.


Thanks to the hard bargaining by the Sheriff the game took longer than expected. After we finished the game, we started New Dawn, the 4X-eurogame mix from Artipia Games. We didn’t managed to play the game to the end, but everyone enjoyed it and we will definitely play it another time.


Link: Facebook Group for the Gaming Night

New arrivals (24/02/2015)

The first deliveries of the week have arrived and we have received some really interesting games:NewDelivery_2402_P1



And we also got the restock of Samurai Spirit and the long awaited reprint of The Hunters.


Restocks coming: Samurai Spirit & The Hunters

For next week we are expecting the restocks for two exciting games:

  • Samurai Spirit – the coop card game designed by Antoine Bauza
  • The Hunters – the 2nd print run of GMT’s highly rated solitaire U-Boat game

Samurai Spirit The Hunters: German U-Boats at War 1939-43

These are only the restocks for next week, we’ve started uploading the new releases for next week and will finish it tomorrow. As soon as we are done, we will post the list of new games we’ll receive next week.

Elysium coming in April

Elysium is the newest game published by Space Cowboys (Splendor, Black Fleet) and designed by Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan.

Here is a short description from the official website:

Take on the role of a demigod seeking to claim a place at the summit of Mount Olympus. […]

In each game of Elysium, you’ll choose 5 gods from among the 8 in the game to make up the game’s deck of cards. This choice sets the tone of the game and transforms the game, as each god has different powers, which you’ll find in the cards of its family.

More information and a short trailer for the game are available on the game’s website. The UK release is according to Space Cowboys planned for mid-April.

Link: Elysium website

New Rahdo Runs Through-videos

Rahdo was quite busy the last few weeks and has published a lot of his very good Runthrough-videos. I always like to watch the Gameplay videos because they are the closest thing to play the game itself and help you to form your own opinion.

Here a just a few of the games he has played lately:

  • Super Motherload
  • Temporum
  • Scoville
  • Roll for the Galaxy
  • Fantasy Frontier
  • XCOM
  • New Dawn
  • Grog Island
  • Saint Petersburg (2nd Edition)

I’ve added links (=the Rahdo logo) to these videos to the game description on the shop website.

Link: Rahdo on Youtube

ZhanGuo available to pre-order

ZhanGuo by Italian publisher What’s your game has been one of the highest rated games of Essen 2014. So far it hasn’t been on general release in the UK. That’s why I have contacted What’s your Game directly.


Today they got back to us and we can order ZhanGuo and other available games from them directly. We will place our order next week, but we need your help to decide how many copies to order. So if you are interested in the game, please place a pre-order on our website before Monday. Thank you very much!

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