New releases for 17/06 are online

For next week we are expecting six new games:

  • Forbidden Stars: The WH40K board game should be with us next Wednesday, maybe Thursday.
  • Tiger Leader: the new solitaire game based on the successful Leader system from DVG
  • Chaosmos: a hidden information strategy board game
  • Kingsport Festival: new Lovecraft/Cthulhu board game from Stratelibri
  • Musee: a card game about collecting art and put them on display in own museum
  • Eggs and Empires: fast-playing card game from Eagle Games

Forbidden Stars Tiger Leader

New Pre-Orders online (12/06/2015)

We have added a few new games for pre-orders to the online shop:

La Cosa Nostra Mage Knight Board Game: Shades of Tezla Expansion

Origins Awards 2015

The Origins Award Winners 2015 have been announced. This year there have been two awards: The Academy Awards and the Fan Favorites (voted by attendees of Origins).

Academy Award Winners
– Best Board Game: Sheriff of Nottingham (Arcane Wonders)
– Best Card Game: Splendor (Asmodee)
– Best Historical Board Game: Heroes of Normandie (Iello)

Fan Favorites
– Best Board Game: Dead of Winter (Plaid Hat Games)
– Best Card Game: Star Realms (White Wizard Games)
– Best Historical Board Game: Heroes of Normandie (Iello)

I’m definitely in favour of the Fan Favorites. Dead of Winter and Star Realms are two great games. I haven’t played Heroes of Normandie yet, but it definitely looks very interesting.

For the full list of all the award winners click here.

Two new games available to pre-order

At last week’s UK Games Expo I’ve spotted two very interesting games:

  • DRCongo: The new game from Ragnar Brothers is based on the idea that the players try to develop the economy of the Congo to rescue it out of poverty and a crippling insurgency.
  • The Great War: This new game from PSC Games transfers the well known Command & Colors system designed by Richard Borg to the battle fields and trenches of WW1

DRCongo: Hope out of Horror The Great War

Both games are now available for pre-order. Estimated release date for both is early July.

First new releases after the UK Games Expo

We are back two days and we have already received the first new releases:



We also received a restock of Dead of Winter, Epic Spell Wars 2 and Concordia: Britannia/Germania.

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