Two new games available to pre-order

At last week’s UK Games Expo I’ve spotted two very interesting games:

  • DRCongo: The new game from Ragnar Brothers is based on the idea that the players try to develop the economy of the Congo to rescue it out of poverty and a crippling insurgency.
  • The Great War: This new game from PSC Games transfers the well known Command & Colors system designed by Richard Borg to the battle fields and trenches of WW1

DRCongo: Hope out of Horror The Great War

Both games are now available for pre-order. Estimated release date for both is early July.

First new releases after the UK Games Expo

We are back two days and we have already received the first new releases:



We also received a restock of Dead of Winter, Epic Spell Wars 2 and Concordia: Britannia/Germania.

Back from the UK Games Expo

We are back from the UK Games Expo. We spent most of the day yesterday to unpack the stock and sort everything out.

Today the we have opened the shop check-out again and added some new games we have brought back from the UK Games Expo (most of them arrived shortly before the show and we didn’t had the time to upload them to the shop).

Our stock is fairly depleted at the moment, but we are expecting the first restocks to arrive tomorrow morning, so everything should be back to normal quite soon.

Spiel des Jahres nominations

The Spiel des Jahres nominations have been announced. There are two awards, the more family friendly Spiel des Jahres and the award for Gamers’ Game called Kennerspiel des Jahres.

The Nominees for the Spiel des Jahres 2015:

  • Colt Express
  • Machi Koro
  • The Game

The Nominees for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2015:

  • Broom Service
  • Elysium
  • Orléans

Colt Express, Machi Koro and Elysium are already available. Orleans will be back by the end of the week. And The Game and Broom Service will arrive in time for the UK Games Expo.

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