ZhanGuo available to pre-order

ZhanGuo by Italian publisher What’s your game has been one of the highest rated games of Essen 2014. So far it hasn’t been on general release in the UK. That’s why I have contacted What’s your Game directly.


Today they got back to us and we can order ZhanGuo and other available games from them directly. We will place our order next week, but we need your help to decide how many copies to order. So if you are interested in the game, please place a pre-order on our website before Monday. Thank you very much!

US port dispute effects board game industry

West Coast ports in the US have been disrupted by a labor dispute between shipping companies and the dockworkers union. These disruptions also affects the board game industry because any game that are manufactured in Asia/China will be imported into the US at the West Coast:

The affected ports handle nearly half of all U.S. maritime trade and more than 70 percent of imports from Asia. A domino effect has been felt across much of the U.S. economy, extending to agriculture, manufacturing, retail and transportation.

One example for this is Tiny Epic Kingdoms, which was originally expected by the end of January and now is expected to arrive in the UK sometime in March.

Link: Reuters

New podcast: Gaming Rules!

Gaming Rules! is as service company for board game publisher based in Taunton, Sommerset. Paul, the owner of Gaming Rules! is also a keen board game player with very good connections in the industry.

His newest project is a podcast with reports about the games he has played lately, board game news, interviews and the newest projects he is working on.

On his website you can also find some rules/overview video to the latest games from publishers like CGE and Stronghold Games.

Link: Gaming Rules-website

Magic Board Game

Wizard of the Coast has released a few more details about the Magic Board Game they first showed during Essen 2014:

  • it will be called “Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game”
  • it’s for 2-5 players
  • official release will be sometime during August
  • price will be around $30, which is not to bad for the components Wizards showed during Essen 2014.

You can also have a look at the official cover and some of the cards.

Link: IGN-Website

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