Lots of shiny new games (25/08/2015)

Today we received a big treasure chest full of shiny new games.


Without further ado, here is the list of new games that have arrived:


New Pre-Order: Nord (Kronenberger Spiele)

I’ve added a new pre-order to the online shop:  Nord is a crowd-funded board game published by Kronenberger Spiele. In Nord each player leads a clan of Vikings and tries to maximise his victory points by going on raids and increase his settlements.

Nord_ComponentsThe game has German and English rules and components. It has been released in Germany last week and should arrive here together with our Broom Service delivery during the first week of September.


Back at the office

Back at the office and I have some catching up to do. First action point today: Unpacking and uploading last week’s new releases.
New in stock are:

WWE Superstar Showdown Mage Knight Board Game: Shades of Tezla Expansion

We also received restocks of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Caylus and the Quartermaster General: Air Marshal expansion.

Summer Break

Next week the shop will be closed for a short Summer Break. It will open again on Monday (17th August) and I already have confirmation for 4 games coming in this week:


And that is just the start, from the end of August on the new games from Gencon should be coming in. After we are done with  Gencon the Essen board game show will be waiting (this time the show is early October) and afterwards it is non-stop action until Christmas.

So next week is the last chance for catching my breath before Christmas 🙂

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