Release dates update

We have received new information regarding the release dates of some of the December releases:

Our last shipping day before Christmas will be the 19th. From the 20th of December until the 4th of January we are closed, so all the games that won’t arrive before the 19th can’t be shipped until the 5th of January.

Chance for a Board Game Bubble?

When I posted on Thursday the link to an article about how the Spiel des Jahres works, there was one sentence which got me thinking:

In the 1980s as Spiel des Jahres was growing, there were 30-40 games published per year in Germany. Now they look at 300-400 games per year.

This means that there is roughly one new game per day in Germany alone.  How long can this go on? How long will people buy such a huge number of new games?  And how long can designers come up with interesting new ideas before we end up with recycled old ideas?

I don’t have an answer for this, but as someone involved in the board game industry I hope that there won’t be an end to the boom and the growth of our hobby. But to keep this amazing growth rate I think board games have to become more mainstream  and widen there appeal to reach people, who are not involved in the hobby or know about all the great games that are out there.

I’m not the only one worrying about this, ever since the Kickstarter boom started, there are a lot of people I know from my visits to Essen wondering where all this will lead to. And lately Chaz Marler discussed on Board Game Breakfast a possible Board Game bubble and compares it to the Comic Book industry in the 90s.

Whatever you think about it, it’s very interesting that we have this discussion about the board game industry. Together with the news about the merger of FFG/Asmodee it just shows that board games have come a long way since there humble beginnings in the 80s and that’s definitely a good thing.


New releases for 10/12/2014

For next Wednesday we are expecting three interesting new releases:

We are expecting a few more new releases for next week (including more games by G3), which we will add to the shop on Monday/Tuesday.


How does The Spiel des Jahres work?

The Spiel des Jahres is the biggest board game award. Every year they select two winners and each year there are a lot of discussions about the award winners. Tom Felber, jury foreman for the SdJ jury, attended BGG Con to talk about the work of the jury:

Tom made it clear that the Spiel des Jahres is NOT for the board game geek. Not for the hobbyist or hard core player. Spiel des Jahres is for the general public. Games that EVERYONE can play.

You can read more about award, the nomination list and the history of the award on the Clever Move-website and at Jeremy Commandeur’s board game design blog.


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