Gaming Night (10/03/2015)

Yesterday was our regular gaming night in Exeter. We had two tables for our group and when I arrived there was already a game of 7 Wonders going on.



On my table we started playing Loony Quest, which was quite funny and definitely something you could play with children.


Afterwards we tried New Dawn for a second time, which we again didn’t manage to finish. The second group played Alhambra.


Because some of us left after they had finished Alhambra, we joined forces to play Tsuro twice, followed by a round of Skull to end the night.


Link: Gaming Group on Facebook

Deliveries have arrived (10/03/2015)

Today two deliveries have arrived. This morning we got:


And later another delivery with six new games arrived:


What’s happening next week? (06/03/2015)

Next week will be much busier than this week. For Monday we are expecting:

Yomi: Round 1VivaJava: The Coffee Dice Game

On Wednesday the next delivery of new releases will arrive:

Tiny Epic Defenders

And on Thursday we will finally get a new restock of Dead of Winter.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Components report: Samurai Spirit

Samurai Spirit is the latest co-operative game by Antoine Bauza. You and your fellow players are samurai warriors defending a village against a horde of bandits. If you like other co-operative games like Pandemic and Ghost Stories definitely give this one a try.

Samurai Spirit

Here is the list of all the components included in the game:

  • 7 Samurai game boards
  • 7 Samurai meeples
  • 7 Support tokens
  • 6 Farmstead tokens
  • 10 Barricade tokens
  • 3 Family tokens
  • 66 Raider cards
  • 1 Village game board
  • 1 Active Player marker
  • 7 wound tokens


The seven samurai are represented by double-sided game boards. Each Samurai has a human shape and an animal shape, that is stronger. Each samurai also has one token for his special ability and a meeple to mark his available fighting power. There a also wound tokens for the samurai.


The bandit card deck is 66 cards strong, the card values (the strength of the bandits) varies between 1-6.


And last but not least the village the players need to defend: There is one Village board and ten barricade tokens, which show the defensive strength of the village. The village buildings are represented by 6 farmstead tokens and the village population by three family tokens.


All in all another great looking game from FunForge (Tokaido, Quantum, Phantom Society), which offers a lot in a small box.

Gaming Night (24/02/2015)

Yesterday was our regular Gaming Night in Exeter. We started by playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf.


Afterwards we split up into two groups. My group played Sheriff of Nottingham, which was more fun than I expected because I normally don’t like bluffing games. Weirdly it seems like the honest merchant has it easier to win, but maybe I just don’t play it the right way or I’m not a good liar.


Thanks to the hard bargaining by the Sheriff the game took longer than expected. After we finished the game, we started New Dawn, the 4X-eurogame mix from Artipia Games. We didn’t managed to play the game to the end, but everyone enjoyed it and we will definitely play it another time.


Link: Facebook Group for the Gaming Night

New arrivals (24/02/2015)

The first deliveries of the week have arrived and we have received some really interesting games:NewDelivery_2402_P1



And we also got the restock of Samurai Spirit and the long awaited reprint of The Hunters.


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