FFG has posted The Witcher preview

The Witcher Adventure Game will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014. FFG has now posted a preview for the game:

The world of The Witcher lies before you in The Witcher Adventure Game! In this board game for two to four players, you take on the role of an iconic character from the bestselling Witcher novels and video game series. The Witcher Adventure Game challenges you to prove yourself the most renowned hero of the realm by completing quests, but the Continent is filled with danger. You’ll need all your wits and combat skills just to survive another day.

The Witcher Cover

Link: FFG-Website

New Pre-Orders online

We’ve added a few new games for pre-order to the online shop:


Looks like October will be a very good month for board game fans…

XCom: Preview of the Companion app

FFG has posted an extensive preview of the companion app for the XCom board game:

In XCOM: The Board Game, one to four players work together as department heads of the elite military organization XCOM. It is up to you and your friends to thwart a full-scale alien invasion. This invasion is controlled by the app.

Our goal was that XCOM’s digital companion app would allow us to create a gameplay experience that would go well beyond what would be feasible without it. Accordingly, it is an integral part of the game and drives your play experience. It controls the alien invasion, coordinates hidden information, adds to the game’s tension, distinguishes player roles, and promotes a fully cooperative experience. Moreover, the app, which is available for free as both a downloadable app and an online tool, teaches you the game, guides you through each turn, and serves as your rules reference, one that is always immediately at hand.

The preview also describes the role of the Central Officer, one of the four asymmetric player roles:

One of these roles is the Central Officer, the XCOM department head responsible to manage both the app and XCOM’s satellite network.

I’m really excited about the game  and the app. It definitely sounds like the app is not just a gimmick but in integrated part of the game.

Link: FFG-Website

Star Realms: 2 new expansions

White Wizard Games, publisher of Star Realms, has announced two expansions for their deck building game:

  1. The first one is called Crisis and is a 48-card expansion which consists of four 12-card non-random packs, each sold separately. Planned release date is November.
  2. The second one is Star Realms: Gambit is a 20-card set including 13 Gambit “special ability” cards, 4 Challenge cards for solo and co-op play and 3 Merc Cruiser cards. The expansion should be available sometime during winter.

And more good news: the third print run of the base game will be available by the end of October.

Link: ICv2-News

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