Pandemic: Fall of Rome announced

2018 is the 10th Anniversary of Pandemic, the classic co-operative game designed by Matt Leacock. Z-Man Games will celebrate the anniversary by releasing a special Anniversary edition of the game.

But this is not the only Pandemic that will get released this year: Z-Man has just announced Pandemic: Fall of Rome (designers: Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori (Ethnos)) for the end of the year.

Pandemic: Fall of Rome follows the proud tradition of the award-winning Pandemic, transforming the signature cooperative crisis management gameplay from disease control to the defense of one of the greatest civilizations in history! Instead of diseases, players face off against the migration of aggressive barbarian tribes. They must defend their cities long enough to forge alliances with the invading hordes, and in doing so save the Empire from certain doom.


As soon as we know more about the UK release, we will start taking pre-orders.

Link: Z-Man games announcement