Space Cowboys restarts TIME Stories

Eric Martin (BGG News) talked to Space Cowboys at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and the most interesting news they had for him was about the reboot of TIME Stories in Q3/Q4 of 2019:

TIME Stories base game

First, no base game will exist for what’s been re-dubbed TIME Stories Revolution. Each scenario will be a standalone item that can be played in any order relative to other titles in the “blue cycle”. Says Doucet, instead of starting each scenario in the time agents’ base with Bob scowling and sniping at you while giving you an info dump, you’ll jump straight into the scenario. While the “white cycle” tended to focus on items — as indicated by the cover of each scenario in it — the “blue cycle” will focus on characters, and the covers of these scenarios, such as that of TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night at right, will reflect that.

(BGG News)

The new cycle will start with two new scenarios (A Midsummer Night and The Hadal Project) in Q3/Q4 (I assume both will get released at GenCon in the US and at Essen in Europe).

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