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New arrivals (13/09/17)

Yesterday was delivery day and we have received quite a few new games.

In stock are now:

And tomorrow two new games/expansions from FFG will get released:

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig announced

Bezier Games has announced the follow-up game to The Castles of Mad King Ludwig: The new game is called The Palace of Mad King Ludwig and planned for an October release (this should mean Essen, so I’m expecting the game to be available after the show).

Created by Castles of Mad King Ludwig designer Ted Alspach, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig has players working together to build a magnificent palace for the King. Their goal is to be the one designer who has the greatest influence on the final palace.


While Palace shares some common features with Castles, it is a completely separate game with new mechanics. Notably absent from the new design are the auction mechanics of the original.

Link: ICv2 News

This week’s new releases (18/01/2016)

This week’s new releases have been uploaded and are now available to pre-order. The games we are expecting for tomorrow (or Wednesday at the latest) are:

  • Epic PvP: Fantasy
  • Epic PvP: Expansion 1 (Orc, Dark Elf, Monk, Barbarian)
  • Fireteam Zero
  • One Night Ultimate Vampire
  • Cavern of Soloth: Catacombs expansion (3rd Printing)
  • Inhabit the Earth
  • Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion
  • Eko


We are also expecting a restock of Mysterium and Hostage Negotiator.

Essen Preview goes live

Today I’ve started our early Essen preview list. In the preview we will list all the games that we will be able to get. IMPORTANT: We are going to Essen, but only has a scouting trip and to talk directly to the various publishers and distributors. We won’t bring back any games from the show, but will get them delivered to us as soon as they get available. For most of the game this will mean that they will arrive at our office sometime between the end of the show and Christmas. We will list the estimated arrival dates as exactly as possible, but as always with Essen releases there will be delays.

To kick-off the Essen preview, I’ve listed new games from Bezier Games, Argentum Verlag, Sierra Maddre Games and R&R Games:

More games will follow in the next days and weeks. If  you have any suggestions for a game you are interested in and can’t find on the list, please contact me.

Lots of shiny new games (25/08/2015)

Today we received a big treasure chest full of shiny new games.


Without further ado, here is the list of new games that have arrived:


New games available to pre-order

We have added quite a few new games to the shop in the last two weeks. All those game will be releases in the coming months and can be pre-ordered.

Here a short overview of the most interesting ones:

viceroyYou can find all the games available to pre-order here. As always we give you a Price Guarantee: You will always pay the lowest price (price at time of order or release price). And if you choose the “Pre-Order”-payment option, we will contact you for the payment once the game is available.


Two new Friedemann Friese games announced

It was the week of Friedemann Friese (Designer of Power Grid and Copycat): First Bezier Games announced Terra as an Essen release.


Terra is a geography trivia game  with a twist and the sequel to  Fauna (2009 / nominated for Spiel des Jahres).

Two days after the Terra announcement Stronghold Games announced 504, a game building toolbox that features 9 different modules (Race, Military, Exploring etc.). These modules can be combined in different ways to create 504 different gaming worlds.


Release for 504 is late October at Essen and a November retail release.