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Traintopia Preview

Traintopia, a new tile-laying game from Board & Dice, will get released next week. Just in time for the release, Dale Yu has posted a preview for the game.

Box cover

Traintopia was an upcoming summer release that I was looking forward to – I am a sucker for tile-laying games, and usually a train theme is also enough to make me want to try a game… Put them together, and it’s an irresistible siren call.  

Given everything that has been going on, Board & Dice has decided to fast forward the launch of their game, now slated for an early May release.   Depending on where you happen to be, you may or may not be able to host a game session now – for example, I cannot – but Traintopia is now near the top of the stack of games awaiting our next meeting.  The game has a nice mix of drafting and tile-laying.

(Source: The Opionated Gamers)

New arrivals and restocks (27/06/17)

Tuesday is always delivery day at Meeples’ Corner and today was no different: We have received five different deliveries with lots of new games and a few interesting restocks.

New games in stock are:

And back in stock are: NMBR 9, Glux, Magic Maze (German Edition / English one is not available at the moment) and Ulm. For later in the week we are expecting restocks of Concordia (+ all expansions), Barenpark and Flamme Rouge.



Devon Dice Reviews

Devon Dice, our partner podcast, has posted three new reviews on their website:

Frogriders (Full review)

I am really glad I have given Frogriders a chance, it’s another great game from the designer of Flamme Rouge, Asger Harding Granerud. A really fun tactical family game with a nice theme to fit the mechanics and it has given me some real gaming highlights, definitely a stayer in my collection.

Multiuniversum (Full review)

Ultimately, it’s lightness may be its undoing for some gamers, but for me it is a delightful option for those times when you need something short, but fulfilling at the start or end of a game night. For less than £10 you really can’t go wrong.

Yamatai (Full review)

This is a game which will sit happily alongside Five Tribes for me. It feels linked in some way, playing totally differently yet giving the same kind of vibe. If you were not a fan of Five Tribes you may not dig Yamatai either, for those same reasons mentioned above, but if you’re a fan of Five Tribes then you will almost certainly enjoy Yamatai, for different yet similar reasons.