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Letter Jam: Setup app released

Publisher CGE has released an app that will help with the setup of Letter Jam, the cooperative word game.

Box cover

Did you notice that your Letter Jam cards have codes? Have you ever wondered what they’re for? Would you like to add a bit more mystery and surprise to your game?
This companion app works as a scanner for Letter Jam cards. It prepares a secret word for every player around the table without anyone knowing any of the words! Once the game is over, the app reveals which words were chosen for each player.

(Source: Publisher website)

Sanctum in Stock

Sanctum, the fantasy hack & slash board game from CGE, has finally arrived and is in stock. We have sent out the payment requests for all pre-orders.

Sanctum, once a great city, is now shrouded in darkness. The lands surrounding the city are home to the demon horde lead by the Lord of Demons. It’s up to a handful of heroes to rise up, battle through the horde, banish the evil that plagues the world, and restore the realm to its former glory.
Sanctum is an epic adventure competitive game for 2-4 players that’s inspired by the hack & slash genre and converted into a modern board game. As one of the heroes, you embark upon a quest to rid the land of a demonic invasion, fighting your way through countless enemies and gearing up to face the Lord of Demons himself.

(Source: Publisher description)

Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders

Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders, the new expansion for Through the Ages, has been delayed until February/March next year. The publisher CGE has posted an update on BGG explaining the reasons behind the delay:

The card printing problem that led to the original delay last month is more difficult to solve than we expected. As a result, we hope to have the game out by Spring of 2020, but we can’t be more specific.

The problem we are trying to solve is that the card backs for the expansion look different than the card backs for the base game. This means players can make out how many expansion military cards their opponents have, or see whether the next prepared event is from the expansion. This is not information players should have.

We apologize for the delay this is causing. We would not be postponing the game’s release, however, unless it was to ensure that every player of Through the Ages and its expansion has a good experience.

(Source: BGG Forum)

If you have an order in place including the expansion that is now delayed, please contact us.

Release date updates: Adrenaline, Scythe: Invaders from Afar and Imperial Settlers: Aztecs

I have finally received an update regarding three new releases expected to come in sometime in December:


Adrenaline – the Essen release from CGE is unfortunately delayed since the end of the show and so far hasn’t been available for retailers. I’ve talked to the UK distributor of the game and he is hoping for a delivery within the next 2-3 week. Unfortunately this would put the game at risk of missing Christmas.


Scythe: Invaders from Afar – again, the expansion is delayed. It was expected for he end of November, but is now another 1-2 weeks away from arriving in the UK. This give the expansion a better chance to make it before Christmas, but you never know.


Imperial Settlers: Aztecs – the newest Imperial Settlers expansion is having some production problems and has been delayed since the end of Essen. So far there is no new release date for the expansion, but I’m hoping that it should be available sometime in January.

October Top 5

I’ve finally managed to have a look at the October Top 5 in regards to sales and pre-orders.

October: Sales
1. Great Western Trail
2. Cottage Garden
3. The Oracle of Delphi
4. Dream Home
5. Brettspiel Advent Calendar


Great Western Trail, Cottage Garden and Oracle of Delphi all have dominated our sales for the last few weeks and every restock is flying from the shelves. Dream Home was a nice surprise the week after Essen and is a really good family game. The Brettspiel Advent Calendar is massive and a perfect alternative for every game to those tiny chocolate calendars.

October: Pre-Orders
1. Scythe: Invaders from Afar
2. Kanagawa
3. Railroad Revolution
4. Inis
5. Adrenaline/Orléans: Trade & Intrigue

Invaders from Afar, the first expansion for Scythe, follows the success of the base game. Kanagawa and Inis are two highly regarded games from French publishers Iello and Matagot. Unfortunately it looks like both games are delayed in Europe. We are still trying to figure out when the games will arrive and will post an update as soon as possible. Railroad Revolution is the new game from What’s Your Game and should be here before the end of the month. And rounding up the Top 5 are Adrenaline, the first person shooter board game from CGE and Trade & Intrigue, the second big expansion for Orleans.

TtA: A New Story of Civilization Handbook online

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (out of stock at the moment, but hopefully back before Christmas), the streamlined new edition of TtA, had one problem: the handbook (the beginner’s guide to TtA) was missing. CGE offered a quick solution: Paul Grogan aka Gaming Rules! published a video explaining the beginner’s game. But now the handbook has been published as a pdf-file and is available for download from the CGE website.



New arrivals (29/10/2015)

Lots of new games have arrived in the last couple of days: On Tuesday we finally received our delivery of New York 1901.


And yesterday we received another 5 boxes full of brand new games: