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What happened this week?

A very busy week comes to an end, time for us to give you a quick summary of what has arrived this week:


Blue Lagoon and Everdell proved to be quite popular and are already out of stock, but hopefully we will get more copies next week.




All in all a very busy week with 23 new releases. And by the looks of it next week won’t be any quieter, but more about next week on Monday.


This week’s new releases are online

The UK releases for week 24 have been confirmed and are now online and available to order.

For tomorrow we are expecting:

For today or tomorrow, we are also expecting a small delivery of Raids, the new game from Iello that had a pre-release at the UK Games Expo.


New stock has arrived (17/01/17)

Today the first delivery of the week with new stock has arrived.

New in stock are:


Back in stock are:


For later this week we are expecting:


New releases for 17/06 are online

For next week we are expecting six new games:

  • Forbidden Stars: The WH40K board game should be with us next Wednesday, maybe Thursday.
  • Tiger Leader: the new solitaire game based on the successful Leader system from DVG
  • Chaosmos: a hidden information strategy board game
  • Kingsport Festival: new Lovecraft/Cthulhu board game from Stratelibri
  • Musee: a card game about collecting art and put them on display in own museum
  • Eggs and Empires: fast-playing card game from Eagle Games

Forbidden Stars Tiger Leader


Here is a short overview of what we are expecting for this week.

New releases:


All games should arrive here on Wednesday morning.

We are also working on getting a restock Orleans in, but we don’t have an exact date yet.  Another restock that should arrive in February is Sheriff of Notthingam: We just read on BGG.com that the 2nd print run has arrived in the US and should be available sometime in February. Just in time for the hype following the appearance of the game on TableTop (5th of February).