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New arrivals (08/12/2015)

The first new arrivals of this week have arrived.


We are expecting another delivery tomorrow from Stonemaier Games with the Viticulture Essential Edition (delivery is sold out to pre-orders / restock expected for January) and the restock of Between Two Cities.

For Signorie and Nippon there are already How To Play videos from Gaming Rules! available online. And for Signorie publisher What’s your Game has posted three short rules variants.



New arrivals (02/12/2015)

Today was another busy day at Meeples’ Corner with lots of new games coming in. Available now are:


The Big Book of Madness has sold out within a day, but we are expecting a restock for next week.

The Big Book of Madness opens next week

Good news for every pre-order customer: The Big Book of Madness will arrive here next Wednesday.

The Big Book of Madness is a challenging co-operative game in which the players are magic students who must act as a team to turn all the pages of the book, then shut it by defeating the terrible monsters they’ve just freed.


I will send out the payment requests on Tuesday to make sure that all the pre-orders can be shipped as fast as possible.

Waste Knights review from 2d6.org

The board gaming blog 2d6 has posted an extensive (written review) of Waste Knights:

Waste Knights is a brutal yet colorful post-apocalyptic vision that’s two parts Max Rockatansky one part Fallout by Bethesda software. The two are shaken together and splashed across a tabletop jammed packed with hexes, tokens, and cards. The production is visually sincere and pleasant as hell on the eyes. Everything from the small sized item cards to the hex illustrations and the character’s portraits align with this razor edge vision of the world gone sideways, yet it manages to stay relatively bright and energetic. It’s much more George Miller than Cormac McCarthy.


Link: 2d6.org Review

What’s coming next week?

We have received confirmation for the new releases we will receive on Tuesday/Wednesday:


There are more games to come which we will upload to the shop on Monday.

And at the end of the week there will be another big release: Blood Rage. The game (including the 5th player expansion) will be released on the 28th November, so we can ship all pre-orders on Monday, 30th November. Unfortunately the first delivery of the game is already sold out to pre-orders.


What’s arriving next week?

Next week looks like the busiest week since the end of the Essen show.

For Tuesday I’m expecting:

  • Pi mal Pflaumen
  • Port Royal: Ein Auftrag geht noch
  • Porta Nigra
  • Mombasa
  • Raptor
  • Kemet: Ta-Seti
  • Carcassonne: Star Wars

Mombasa     Kemet: Ta-Seti

This will be followed on Wednesday by:

  • Queen’s Necklace
  • Ghostbusters: The Board Game
  • Exodus: Edge of Extinction
  • Mistfall
  • Fool’s Gold
  • Theseus: The Dark Orbit – Hunters
  • Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy – Five Families
  • Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot
  • Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans
  • Power Grid: The Stock Companies
  • Elfenroads (2015)
  • Runebound (Third Edition)
  • Flick ’em Up
  • Treasure Hunter

Fool's Gold Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans

The price for a few of those games is now lower than our initial listing on our website. Every pre-order customer will get billed the lower price and if someone has already paid for his pre-order, we will refund the difference before we ship the order.

All the games listed here and more pre-orders for November can be found here.

New arrivals (29/10/2015)

Lots of new games have arrived in the last couple of days: On Tuesday we finally received our delivery of New York 1901.


And yesterday we received another 5 boxes full of brand new games:


What has arrived this week?

Last week was crazy in regard to the number of new games we have received.

It all started on Monday with a massive delivery of some really good Essen releases:

  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets
  • Among Nobles
  • 504
  • The Golden Ages
  • Favor of the Pharaoh
  • Space Cadets: Away Missions
  • Andromeda
  • Champions of Midgard
  • Spirits of the Rice Paddy

But this was only the start. Tuesday another five big boxes full of games came in.


Inside the boxes where:

  • My Village
  • OctoDice
  • Firefly: Fistful of Credits
  • Ultimate Warriorz
  • Takenoko Chibis
  • Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach
  • Epic Card Game
  • Sapiens
  • Thunderbirds


So all in all a great week with amazing new games. But it looks like next week will be as good as this week with another 18 new games arriving. The Highlights for next week are Antarctica, 7 Wonders: Duel, Baseball Highlights 2025, Between Two Cities and Russian Railroads: German Railsroad.

All the listed games are here on our website, the games that will arrive next week are listed here.