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FFG: Preview for new Fallout expansion

Fallout- New California is the first expansion for the Fallout board game. FFG has now posted the first preview, looking closer at the five new survivors it will add to the game:

The New California expansion introduces five new survivors to Fallout: The Board Game and, before anything else, it’s important to get to know who you might be. Each of these plucky newcomers has their own perspective on life in the wasteland, and today, we’re going to take a closer look at just what makes each of them tick!

Link: FFG-Website

Keyforge UK release date confirmed

Asmodee UK has confirmed the UK release date for Keyforge, the new card game from FFG designed by Richard Garfield:

We will have a Gaming Night at the shop on the 16th, so the perfect occasion to have a look at this interesting new game.

Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary Edition released

The Cosmic Encounter: Anniversary Edition has been released today.

New/updated in the Anniversary Edition are:

  • A freshly revised rulebook and a beautifully illustrated Quick-start Guide.
  • Beautiful translucent ship pieces
  • A newly discovered species joins the classic line-up of aliens.
  • Customize your games with the introduction of Cosmic Combo cards.

The new edition is compatible will all existing expansions.



Discover: Lands Unknown Preview

FFG has posted the first preview of exploration in their survival game Discover: Lands Unknown.

You’ve awoken to find yourself far from home. The vast wilderness stretches before you, the days are long and every night is a struggle to survive. While you’re not sure how you ended up here, you know that answers won’t come from sitting around the meager campsite you’ve constructed. You’ll need to explore to find food, water, and most importantly, a way home!

Join us today as we look at how to get your bearings and explore the world around you in Discover: Lands Unknown!

Discover: Lands Unknows is called a “Unique Game” by FFG. Here is the explanation of what this term means:

[…] meaning every copy in the world is different. Through a sorting algorithm, the combination of components found in your game will be unlike any other copy in existence. While your group of survivors may find themselves stranded in a dense forest or on a freezing mountaintop, your friend’s copy may see a different group of survivors trying to escape a deserted island or harsh desert. However, each game is still monitored by the same set of rules that will guide you in your journey into the unknown.

The game has a planned release date sometime in December and is available now to pre-order.

Link: FFG preview

New pre-orders available

It’s a great time of the year for board game fans: We still get a flood of games that have been presented at GenCon but haven’t made their way to Europe yet and we are starting to see the first Essen announcements popping up.

We have added a few new games to our pre-order section, here are a few highlights:


Quick-Start Guide for Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary Edition

This week the new edition of Cosmic Encounter will get released. FFG has now posted a quick-start guide for everyone who will give this classic game a try for the first time:

It’s a wacky and fast-paced race to the finish line, but you must still gather as much information as possible before the race begins to ensure that you are not left in the dust. Today, we’re pleased to help you prepare for your grand cosmic conquest with a look at the Quick-Start Guide for Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition

Link: FFG website

Lord of the Rings LCG available on Steam

The Lord of the Rings LCG from FFG is now available on Steam as an Early Access version:

The game is close to its final build. The initial Early Access release will be limited to Single Player functionality. We will be adding a cooperative mode at some point in the Early Access, and this will become a full feature in the final release. We’re mostly implementing new features during our Early Access period.

With the Early Access version of the game, all players will receive the following items included:

  • Four Heroes to adventure with and build Decks around: Aragorn, Arwen, Frodo, and Gimli

  • 42 Player Cards (2 x 21 unique cards) to create your starting player decks.

  • 2 Unique Card Backs (Classic and Digital)

  • 2 Sauron Card Backs (Classic and Digital)

  • 4 Default Avatars

  • 1 Player Tag and 1 Avatar Frame

  • Players will be able to adventure through the first two quests of the Campaign, Adventures in Wilderland.

Lord of the Rings LCG Screenshot

I was never a big fan of the card game because I thought it was much too fiddly, but I could be tempted to try out the digital edition.

Link: LotR LCG on Steam