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Week 10 releases available

The new releases for week 10 have arrived. Available from today are:

Week 10 Arrivals 2019

For later in the week we are expecting two more releases:
Wildlands: The Adventuring Party (Thursday) and Wingspan (Friday / but sold out to pre-orders).

Releases confirmed for next week

Like every week after Essen we will get a few new games next week. Confirmed so far are:

To speed up the shipping process for these incoming games I will send out the payment requests for pre-orders on Monday afternoon. This way all pre-orders can get shipped as soon as the stock has arrived.

New Pre-Orders online

Our Essen preview list is growing and already includes 47 games. More will follow in the next few days and in the weeks after the show, but this year it is quite hard to get useful details about the new releases before the show.

Kilt Castle (Zoch)
Kilt Castle (Zoch)

But here are the games I’ve added in the last few days:

Ulm (Huch)
Ulm (Huch)

The complete list of all available pre-orders of new Essen releases is here.

New arrivals (19/11/2015)

Yesterday and today we (again) received quite a few new games. Not as many as last week, but still a very good haul:


We also received a restock of Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets, Pax Pamir, Neanderthal and Favor of the Pharaoh.

15 new games in stock

Yesterday and today were quite busy days for us. We have received three new deliveries including in total 15 new games. So we were unpacking all the boxes, checking all the games and started packing all the pre-orders straight away. Most of the pre-orders have been shipped by, the rest will follow tomorrow morning.

But here are the first of the new games:


  • Historia (Giochix)
  • Subdivision (Bezier Games)
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Bezier Games)
  • Colt Express (Ludonaute)
  • Omega Centauri (Spiral Galaxy Games)
  • Tragedy Looper (Z-Man Games)
  • Bruges: The City on the Zwin (Z-Man Games)
  • Pandemic: Contagion (Z-Man Games)
  • Theseus: Bots Expansion (Portal Publishing)
  • Munchkin Loot Letter (Alderac Entertainment)

And here are more new games:


  • Galaxy of Trian Deluxe Edition
  • Strife
  • Spells of Doom
  • Antike II
  • Concordia: Britannia

You can find all the game in the Recent Releases section of the online shop.

New Pre-Orders

With one week to go until the biggest board game show on Earth starts we have uploaded more pre-orders. New pre-orders are:

There is more to come in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes open for more new games…