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New arrivals (13/09/17)

Yesterday was delivery day and we have received quite a few new games.

In stock are now:

And tomorrow two new games/expansions from FFG will get released:

This week’s new releases

It’s the summer holidays, but it looks like nobody has told this to the board game publishers. They keep on releasing game after game, which means that this week we are expecting fourteen new games/expansions:

Most of these will be available on Wednesday, but some (Ticket to Ride, Runebound Expansion, Modern Art) will get released at the end of the week.

Stock update (16/02/2016)

It’s Tuesday and it is the time of the week for some new arrivals. This week is a little bit quieter, but we still got two new releases in today:


We have also received restocks of Five Tribes and Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.

For tomorrow we are expecting Ninja All-Stars, a new game from Soda Pop Miniatures (Super Dungeon Explore) and Thursday is the release day for two next Star Wars Imperial Assault packs.


Sentinel Tactics, King of New York and Machi Koro available

Today we have received a delivery with another batch of new releases. Available from today are:MachiKoro_KoNY


And the good news is that we have a promo card for King of New York (“Modern Idol”) which we will add to each order of the game. We also have a promo pack for Sentinel Tactics, which we will add to each order of the base game.