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Today’s arrivals (03/05/17)

Another big day at Meeples’ Corner HQ with lots of deliveries and new arrivals and restocks.

The restocks are:

New arrivals so far this week are:

Next week’s releases are online

The new releases for next week have been confirmed and there should be something for everybody:

New arrivals (27/09/2016)

As always Tuesday is the day when we receive the first delivery with new games and restocks of the week.

Today’s delivery included four restocks:


And quite a lot of new games:


Later this week we are expecting Escape the Room: Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat (Thursday), Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides (Friday), Tragedy Looper: Cosmic Evil (Friday) and War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-earth (sold out to pre-orders).

Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides

Lots of shiny new games (25/08/2015)

Today we received a big treasure chest full of shiny new games.


Without further ado, here is the list of new games that have arrived:


New games from Greenbrier Games announced

Greenbrier Games, the publisher of Zpocalypse and Ninja Dice, has announced three new miniatures combat games: Dragon Tides (planned release date: July), Heavy Steam (planned release date: May) and Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters (planned release date: June).

Here a short description of the games from the ICv2 articles:

Dragon Tides is a fast action, cooperative adventure miniatures game starring Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee. Players take the role of Bruce, Brandon, Viktoria Jovavich and Luke Elba as they battle the “Tiger Organization” through a martial arts movie style storyline.

Heavy Steam is a steampunk themed strategy and resource management game where players use mechs in miniatures combat while attempting to complete scenario objectives. Players take the role of pilots controlling different giant steam titans, which they customize with a variety of weapons and a pilot with special abilities.

Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters is a fast-paced card and miniatures combat game, where two or more players customize their battle deck for dueling, team battle, or free-for-all combat. Players take the role of powerful fighters who have bonded with Shinto kami spirits, and then battle other Masters for honor and domination.

Link: ICv2 News