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Five new arrivals (26/02/20)

It is the last week of February. A lot of the big releases we are waiting for (Underwater Cities: New Discoveries, Alubari, Shards of Infinity expansion) have still not arrived, but at least we have five new arrivals to announce for this week.

New in stock are:

And we also received a small restock of Railroad Evolution, the expansion for Railroad Revolution. This seems to be the last stock for a while: our supplier has no stock left and doesn’t know when he will get more.

Box cover

Next week’s new releases are online (01/02/19)

We have just uploaded the new releases for next week:

But that is not all, we are also expecting three amazing restocks:

New releases for week 19

This week’s new releases have been confirmed and are now available to order online.

For tomorrow we are expecting:

Thursday is the release day for:

And tomorrow we are also expecting the reprint of Flamme Rouge.


New arrivals (16/01/18)

New year, same procedure: Tuesday is new releases day.

Today we have received a total of 15 new games/expansions:

New arrivals (13/09/17)

Yesterday was delivery day and we have received quite a few new games.

In stock are now:

And tomorrow two new games/expansions from FFG will get released:

This week new at Meeples’ Corner (16/05/17)

For this week we are expecting another very successful pre-order title: Unfair from CoolMiniOrNot will get released on Friday.

Other new games coming in this week are:

In restocks we are expecting A Feast for Odin, Clank! (both in small numbers, more hopefully shortly before the UK Games Expo) and In the Year of the Dragon Anniv. Edition (sold out to pre-orders, but more coming for the UK Games Expo).

New arrivals (24/01/2017)

Today we have received the biggest delivery of new games of 2017 so far. New in stock are:

Vinhos Deluxe


This week’s new releases (07/03/16)

I have uploaded this week’s new releases:

Level 7 [Omega Protocol]: Extreme Prejudice Star Realms: Colony Wars

All the games are expected to arrive tomorrow and should be available for shipping on Wednesday morning.