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Root Reprint Pre-order

We already have received a few questions regarding the reprint of Root and now we have finally received confirmation from one of our suppliers: the base game will be available again in May/June. Pre-orders for the reprint are now open

Box cover

Riverfolk, the first expansion, will also be back, but later in the year. It is expected to be available again in August. Pre-orders for the expansion are also open now.

Root: Second Expansion announced

Leder Games, the publisher of the highly regarded games Vast and Root, has announced Root: Underworld, the second expansion for Root.

Introducing Root: The Underworld, a new expansion pack for Root: A Woodland Game of Might and Right. This pack provides two new asymmetric factions to mix and match with current Root content for new player dynamics, as well as two new maps with new map-specific rules.

Publisher website
Underworld announcement banner

As always the expansion will come to Kickstarter first, but will also see a retail release once it has been finished production and has been shipped to everyone.

top 5 January 2019

January is always a bit of a quieter months for us. Partly because of our break at the beginning of the month and partly because most people tend to take a break from buying new games after the spending spree before Christmas

But we still had a few games that did very well for us, so here is a look at the Top 5 in sales for January 2019:

1) Root
2) Root: Riverfolk Expansion
3) Chronicles of Crime
4) The Quacks of Quedlinburg
5) SpaceCorp: 2025-2300 AD

Only two new games made it into our Top 5, the other three (Root, Chronicles of Crime and Quacks) were restocks of very popular games. The success of the Riverfolk expansion was no surprise, because Root was one of the biggest hits of 2018. And SpaceCorp is the first game from GMT making it into the Top 5.

And here are the Top 5 in Pre-orders:

1) Wingspan
2) Treasure Island
3) Underwater Cities
4) LotR: Journeys in Middle-earth
5) Inis: Isle of Seasons

Wingspan is the next big thing from Stonemaier Games. We had to close our pre-orders, because the first print run is all but sold out. But the good news is that the reprint is already in the works and shouldn’t be too far behind the first print run and is expected to become available in April/May.

New releases and restocks (21/01/19)

This week’s new releases are online and ready to be ordered. For Tuesday we are expecting:

In addition, we will also get three highly sought-after games/expansions back in stock on Tuesday:

And on Thursday we will see the release of Resident Evil 2: The Board Game.

Root and the Riverfolk have arrived

Our delivery of Root and the Riverfolk expansion have arrived. We have shipped all pre-orders this morning. If you have a pre-order with us and haven’t received your payment request, please check your spam folder or contact us if you can’t find it at all.

Root and the Riverfolk expansion

The Riverfolk expansion has sold out to pre-orders. We will hopefully get more stock in but don’t (yet) when this will happen. Root has nearly sold out, a few copies are still waiting for a new home.

Updates for Root and Gloomhaven

After all those delays before Christmas, we have finally received some good news regarding the reprints of Root and Gloomhaven: Both are on the way to the UK.

Root is slightly in the lead and is expected to arrive on the 14th or 15th January. And even better: the Riverfolk expansion will arrive in the same delivery.

Gloomhaven is also on the ship to the UK and should arrive here at the end of January and should be available from us  at the beginning of February. At the moment we can’t accept any new orders for Gloomhaven, but we will post an update regarding the stock we will receive as soon as we have the confirmation from our supplier(s).

Top 5 October

Another month has gone, time to have a look at the bestsellers of October.

The Top 5 in Sales are:

  1. Chronicles of Crime
  2. Gizmos
  3. Great Western Trail: Rails to the North (German Edition)
  4. Welcome To ….
  5. Altiplano: the Traveller

Chronicles of Crime is the first Murder Mystery game that uses Virtual Reality to let the players visit the game locations. Gizmos continues the good run of Phil Walker-Harding, who with Gingerbread House has  another new game out at the moment. Great Western Trail: Rails to the North is in the Top 5 for the second month in a row. Altiplano: the Traveller is the first expansion for the bag building game Altiplano.

Top 5 in Pre-Orders:

  1. Root: Riverfolk Expansion
  2. Root
  3. A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians
  4. Reykholt
  5. Key Flow

Root and the Riverfolk expansion have dominated the pre-orders in October. The first edition of Root sold out quickly, but the reprint is supposed to arrive in January/February together with the expansion. A Feast for Odin is a very popular game, so it’s no surprise that the expansion has made it into our Top 5. Reykholt is the new game by Uwe Rosenberg and as all his games, gamers seem to like them all.  Key Flow is a new card driven game based on the Keyflower.


Root: Riverfolk expansion reprint

A quick update because we received a few messages regarding the Riverfolk expansion for Root: The first print run of the expansion is sold out and won’t be available for retailers together with the base game. However Leder Games has already announced a reprint of the expansion, but I’m not 100% sure yet when it will be available in the UK.

As soon as I have more details for the UK release of the expansion, I will add it to the pre-orders.

Added to Pre-Orders: Root

Root is the latest game from Leder Games (Vast). It is all the talk on BGG at the moment and it is now available to pre-order:

Root is a game of adventure and war in which 2 to 4 players battle for control of a vast wilderness.

Root represents the next step in our development of asymmetric design. Like Vast: The Crystal Caverns, each player in Root has unique capabilities and a different victory condition. Now, with the aid of gorgeous, multi-use cards, a truly asymmetric design has never been more accessible.

The estimated release for the game is October.