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New Dice Forge and Flamme Rouge expansions

Two interesting new expansions are in the works at the moment:

Libellud has confirmed that they are working on an expansion for Dice Forge, but not much else is known at the moment. Hopefully, we will get more details in the next few weeks.

And Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!) is working on the English translation of the rulebook for the new Flamme Rouge expansion Meteo (adds weather effects to the game). If you would like to take a sneak peek at the rules, here you go:

New in stock: Dice Forge & Kronia

We have two new games in stock from today:

Dice Forge (Libellud)

Dice Forge is a development game featuring innovative mechanics based on dice with removable faces. In this dice crafting game, players build their own dice. Roll your dice, manage your resources, complete ordeals before your opponents and explore multiple winning strategies.

Now you control the luck of the dice!

Kronia (Cool Mini Or Not)

In Kronia, favor tokens are placed in three different temples, then players will make secret offers to these temples over the course of twelve rounds. Everyone starts with the same offer cards, so they must anticipate which Gods other players want to please. Deciding when to spend the more appealing offers and when to hold off can be the difference. In the end, the player with the most points from their favor tokens will be chosen to lead the nation into the future.

New arrivals and restocks (04/05/2016)

Today’s delivery has included five new games and restocks of two very good games:


The two restocks are Council of Four (Cranio Creations / from the designers of The Voyages of Marco Polo and Grand Austria Hotel) and Imhotep (new big box game from Kosmos / German edition but English rules are available on BGG)

Pre-Order Discount

From today we are offering a 5% discount on selected pre-order games. This discount is valid until one week before the release of the discounted game (usually the time when we have to place our final order).

The following games are discounted at the moment:


Placing a pre-order helps us to get a better feeling how high the interest in the new release is.  One thing is important when you place a pre-order with us: You don’t need to pay for the order when  you place it. Please choose the “Pre-Order” payment option during the checkout and we will contact you as soon as the game(s) in your order are available.