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This week’s new releases

It’s the summer holidays, but it looks like nobody has told this to the board game publishers. They keep on releasing game after game, which means that this week we are expecting fourteen new games/expansions:

Most of these will be available on Wednesday, but some (Ticket to Ride, Runebound Expansion, Modern Art) will get released at the end of the week.

News Round-up

Here are some news tidbits I’ve picked up over the last few days:

  • Sushi Go Party a eight player version of the highly-rated Sushi Go!, will get released in July
  • Container, first released by Valley Games in 2007 with an expansion added in 2008, will come back in a new edition from Mercury Games in 2017
  • Deus, a very good Civilization game from Pearl Games released in 2014, will get an expansion. Deus: Egypt is planned for a Essen 2016 release and should be available sometime between Essen and Christmas.
  • Portal Games has announces another summer release: “Cry Havoc is an asymmetrical strategy game. It’s a bit of a war game, mixed with a bit of deck building, and a ton of area-control”