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New scenario for Undaunted: Normandy

Osprey Games has posted a new scenario for Undaunted: Normandy.

Box Cover

Firstly, designers David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin have created a new scenario for you to try, pitting a coalition force against the Germans in the historical Battle for Castle Itter. You can download the scenario for free here or, if you are at Essen for SPIEL ’19, make sure you stop by our booth (5H124) to pick up a printed version of it!

(Source: Publisher blog)

More and more new games

We are only three weeks away from the Essen board game show and the number of new games is growing and growing. This week we have already received 14 new games/expansions.

And this is just part one…
… and here is part two!

Another big week

We are two days into another big week. Here are quick update of what games/expansions we have received so far.

We need a bigger table soon…

But that’s not all, later in the week we are expecting Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon and Uxmal.

New Pre-Orders Added

We are adding new games to the shop every day. To make sure that you are not missing any highlights, here a quick summary of last weeks new additions:

Box Cover
Box Cover

Osprey Games News

Wildlands was a big success for Osprey Games. For later this year the publisher has announced two new releases based on Martin Wallace’s design.

Source: Osprey Games Catalogue July-December 2019

The first one is a new map pack called The Fall of the Dark House. The pack will include three maps (Mansion, Hedge Maze and Crypt). The estimated release date for the pack is November 2019.

Source: Osprey Games Catalogue July-December 2019

The second one is Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter, a new game using the Wildlands system but is based on the famous 2000 AD universe. The release is planned for the Essen board game show, so probably a retail release in late October.

Lots of new games and Die Tavernen are back

Another busy week in regards to new releases: 11 new games/expansions have arrived today. Here a quick look at all the new items:

Lots of shiny new games…

The three Undo games (best described as Time Stories meets EXIT) were our hottest games at the UK Games Expo and are now available for everyone who missed out at the show. Sorcerer is my favourite card game at the moment: I played it at the UK Games Expo and managed to buy one of the demo copies from White Wizard Games. Have a closer look at it if you like Mage Wars!

And not to forget: Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal is finally back in stock after we received lots of requests in the week after the UK Games Expo.

We are Back

Meeples’ Corner is open again after we have returned from the UK Games Expo and checked all our remaining stock. But please bear with us while we are bringing stock levels back to normal!

While we have been away a few interesting games/expansions have been released and are now in stock:

Star Wars: Outer Rim setup
Yinzi Cover

For the end of the week we are expecting a restock of Tiny Towns and for next week we are hoping to have more copies of Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal in stock.

Osprey Games announces WW2 Deck-builder

Osprey Games has announced Undaunted: Normandy, a deck-building game set during the campaign following the D-Day landings.


In Undaunted:  Normandy, two players face off to recreate the history of the US 30th Infantry Division as it fights its way across France following the D-Day landings.  One player controls a platoon of American soldiers, while their opponent controls a platoon of German soldiers, who face off in a series of combats. 
The platoons develop over the course of the game using a deck-building mechanic, with reinforcements adding cards and casualties removing them.  The cards are used to resolve battles, allowing players to seize the initiative, control their troops, and call for reinforcements.

(Source: ICv2 News)

The game was designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin (War Chest). The release is planned for August and as soon as we have the details for the UK release we will start taking pre-orders.