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New Pre-Orders Added

We are adding new games to the shop every day. To make sure that you are not missing any highlights, here a quick summary of last weeks new additions:

Box Cover
Box Cover

New arrivals (17/07/19)

The new games have arrived. Everything is unpacked and most pre-orders have been shipped. Here is a quick look at this week’s new arrivals:

Shiny new games

Century: A New World and Gandhi (the new COIN game from GMT Games) have also arrived, but have sold out to pre-orders.

New arrivals: Week 6 – 2019

Another week with very interesting new releases (seems to be happening every week). New in stock are:

New releases Week 6 ’19

We have also received a restocks of Teotihuacan City of Gods, Downforce: Danger CircuitThe Quacks of Quedlinburg and Railroad Ink (both editions).

Top 5 August

Last month was cut short because of our summer break, but we still had a busy month considering it was the school holidays and a normally quiet time of the year for the board game industry.

Here are the Top 5 in sales, which were dominated by reprints of two very popular games:

1) Cthulhu Wars
2) Roll Player
3) Gentes
4) Spirit Island
5) Runebound (Third Edition): Unbreakable Bonds

Three GenCon announcements from FFG have taken the Pre-Order Top 5 by storm:

1) Fallout: The Board Game
2) Terraforming Mars: Venus Next
3) Photosynthesis
4) Civilization: A New Dawn
5) Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition)



Week in review

A busy week comes to an end and a lot of new games are now available.

Today sees the release of The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, the new big box game from Cool Mini Or Not designed by Eric M. Lang.

Early this week we have received more interesting new games and expansions:

We have also received a restock of Roll Player and this time in larger numbers, so we put the game back up on our website.

And good news in regards to the reprint of Cthulhu Wars: It has cleared customs and has arrived at our supplier. We will receive our delivery and will start shipping pre-orders on Wednesday.

Release Date updates for Gloomhaven, Xia expansion and Cthulhu Wars

We have just talked to one of our suppliers and have received updates for the release dates of three expansions/games/reprints:

The 2nd print run of Gloomhaven is unfortunately delayed and now expected to be available from September.

Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star has been confirmed for next week and should be available from Wednesday on.

And Cthulhu Wars is on course to arrive in the UK during the last week of July.


March Top 5

Another month of a busy year so far is gone, time to see what our bestsellers of March have been:

Top 5 Sales:

  1. Anachrony
  2. Scythe (Restock)
  3. Great Western Trail (Restock)
  4. Flamme Rouge (Restock)
  5. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures

Clearly, the month of the restocks with a lot of great games coming back into stock. Terraforming Mars missed a restock in March just by a few days, otherwise it would have taken the 1st spot.

Top 5 Pre-Orders:

  1. Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium
  2. Charterstone
  3. First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
  4. The Expanse
  5. Cthulhu Wars (Reprint)

After the success of Terraforming Mars, it’s no wonder that the first expansion goes straight to Number 1. Out of the five, The Expanse is the biggest surprise, but I guess the success of the books and the TV show on Netflix are playing their parts. And it is a good sign that the new board game unit of Wizkids (lead by Zev Shlasinger, formerly head of Zman Games) is off to a good start.

New releases this week

Here is a quick list of games that will arrive this week.


  • Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up



  • RoboRally (2016)
  • Orcs Must Die! Board Game: Order Edition
  • Orcs Must Die! Board Game: Unchained Edition



  • Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Jabba’s Realm
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Luke Skywalker Ally Pack
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Alliance Rangers Ally Pack
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Captain Terro Villain Pack
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack
  • XCOM: The Board Game – Evolution


All incoming games can be found here.